1. Radziwilowicz

    Minikits by Radziwilowicz

    Minikits LaLiga 18/19
  2. Jesse J Rutheford

    Mods & Patch by DerArzt26

    Hello that, in the next pack you will find the shoes, the balls and more of the Fifa 19 PS3. Link: Pass: DerArzt26
  3. M

    Serie A 18/19 Full Updated by MarianTIM

    Serie A 18/19 Full Updated CMP Version: Official kits (home, away, goalkeeper, third) + mini-kits Official squads Official formations New player overall based on transfer market value All my created faces from Serie A, including Cristiano Ronaldo new face update
  4. E

    (FIFA 19) Editing Locale.ini

    Hello guys Anyone know how to give more control to dribble to your player editing strings in Locale.Ini? And how to reduce shooting time because it takes so long until the player kicks the ball
  5. Harry BullZak

    HELP! Convert F19 CL & EL Balls

    Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has the time or the inclination to convert or remodel these balls for FIFA 14? I've supplied the 3D model in 4 formats: .fbx (Binary) .fbx (ASCII) .dae .obj I had some success converting the .dae model to .rx3, but couldn't get it to work in FIFA 14. I have...
  6. Jesse J Rutheford

    Mods & Patch by DerArzt26

    Hola que tal a todos, les dejo el Tema de Fifa 19 para Fifa 14. Espero y les guste. Próximamente traeré otro mod, cambiaré muchas cosas, lo más que pueda para vivir una experiencia diferente a este gran y un tanto viejo juego. Página de Facebook: Link...
  7. diazjesux

    Oficial EA Kits Converted 18/19

    *Extracted and converted kits-minikits from the Playstation 3 version *Sleeves fixed *Removed patch of league *Replace the original shields with higher resolution ones *RX3 of Fifa 16 *etc *If you want to collaborate send message
  8. B

    FIFA 19 Lua Modding?

    Anyone here with Lua experience? It seems to be possible to load code in memory by using a decrypted initfs_Win32 and Hex-edit something like this: core.readKeyValueCfg("/user/profile/settings/Test.lua", _G) This is my Test.lua: #!/bin/lua function sayHello() return "Hello beta990" end...
  9. moh_0001

    FIFA 19 - Low Driven Shot (Ground Shot) & Timed Finishing

    Welcome Guys FIFA 19 - Low Driven Shot (Ground Shot) & Timed Finishing New Tutorial FIFA 19 Control Ground Shot & Timed Finishing You can score any chance u create Watch From HERE Comment - Like - Subscribe
  10. M

    Marian(TIM)'s Superpatch 18/19 Edition

    Hello, This is my update of 18/19 Season for FIFA10 , available for everyone Enjoy! The patch will be similar to my previous versions that you already know... 15/16 Edition Euro 2016 Edition 16/17 Edition 17/18 Edition World Cup 2018 Edition Download link free: MarianTIM's Superpatch...