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    I have a MarianTim Patch 2020. I want to play career mode from 2019 year. IDK how to do it. CM10 can't change tournament date. Max year value is 2010. How to fix it? Please help. Some players are 7-8 years old. It's illogical and they don't develop until age 17.
  2. P


    How to change the start date of the tournament from 2009 year to 2018? CM 10 can’t do this. Coz the max value is 2010. I have a 2019 year patch)
  3. E

    FIFA 07 [05-10] - 2023 Minikits [Upscaled] - Download Available

    FIFA 07 [05-10] - 2023 Minikits [Upscaled] Hi everyone, I created minikits of 712 FIFA23 teams for FIFA 07 [05-10] games. Minikits are converted from (mostly) FMSlovakia's FC'12 Kits with upscaling from 100*100 to 200*200. For missing minikits, I used the PES kits to convert via PES to FM Kit...
  4. Tálisson Fernandes


    Olá, senhores Tenho 2 controles Laser USB Dual Shock. Antes eu jogava FIFA 10 normalmente utilizando os 2 controles, sem travamento durante as partidas. Tive que formatar o PC e quando instalei novamente o jogo, está acontecendo algo muito estranho. Usando somente por teclado funciona...
  5. Tálisson Fernandes

    Facepack players legends/icons

    Please post links with players legends for FIFA 09/10. I have several, but without Rivaldo and Socrates. Someone ?
  6. Tálisson Fernandes

    Facepack players legends/

    Please post links with players legends for FIFA 09/10. I have several, but without Rivaldo and Socrates. Someone ?
  7. Radziwilowicz

    Minikits By Mikey XY

  8. Radziwilowicz

    Minikits by Radziwilowicz

    Minikits LaLiga 18/19
  9. M

    Serie A 18/19 Full Updated by MarianTIM

    Serie A 18/19 Full Updated CMP Version: Official kits (home, away, goalkeeper, third) + mini-kits Official squads Official formations New player overall based on transfer market value All my created faces from Serie A, including Cristiano Ronaldo new face update
  10. B

    (Request) I need kitmakers for a Concacaf patch I am doing

    Hi, i'm doing a patch of some Concacaf leagues, already finished Costa Rica, Mexico and U.S. but still need kits for the Honduran League and I was hoping someone could help me with that since I don't know how to use photoshop
  11. Nathan Alexander

    FIFA 10 Kits version 2017-18 By Nathan

    Updating some Kits from FIFA10. Several kits will be uploaded.
  12. xtofher2

    Xtofher strikes back!!

    I back with my creations in f10 ... (Ads, please!! read my letter, I want my old user!!)
  13. HezuProjects

    Second Division B of Spain - Group I (.cmp Patch)

    Hello Guys here Hezu with Another League for Fifa10, The Group One of the Second Division B of Spain (and yep. i will upload the others three group as soon as i finish them) The Patch Include: - 20 Teams: * Pontevedra CF * Coruxo FC * SD Ponferradina * CF Rayo Majadahonda * CD Guijuelo...