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fifa mod manager

  1. ClubberClay

    MODS ClubberClay's Mods (Better Menu 1.1, 2024/25 Mod, Metric System,.. ) - TU15.1 for FC24

    Better Menu Mod for FC24 1.1 TU15.1 Features in career mode: -Start button: Save -Select button: Game Settings -RT button: Calendar -Added under "Customise": Edit Teams button, Club Transfers button -Unlocked Side Select (you can choose to play the opponents team) -Extended Edit player (Edit...
  2. zanellog

    Face mods not working after tu11, how to solve?

    Hi there! After tu11 face mods are not working anymore in career mode. I tried everything: using -dataPath FIFAModData, using last Mod Manager, correct Faces ID, and more. I've used Mudryk face mod by wichanwoo for a while and Enzo Fernandez by Alief too. Don't know what to do next to solve it...
  3. A

    Fifa mod manager not working

    When I try to open fifa from the fifa mod manager I get this error, I thought it was the mod but I tried with other mods but it still doesn't work when I go to the log file I get this that to be honest I don't understand anything it says when i launch the game from steham with te command...
  4. F

    Please help using mod manager

    So when I try to use my mods I always get the error that there isn't permission to enter fifamoddata or whatever. I have tried deleting the file myself, automatically deleting it when clicking run, I can't make mod manager an administrator (when the app pops up the option "Run as Administrator"...
  5. FIFA Editor Tool

    FIFA Editor Tool for FIFA 22

    Hey guys, This is the thread for FIFA Editor Tool for FIFA 22. I will post progress here, and you guys can report bugs, post suggestions, ask for help, etc. **Download Latest Version** https://www.fifaeditortool.com/download **Useful Resources** Website: https://www.fifaeditortool.com/ Trello...
  6. FIFA Editor Tool

    FIFA Editing Tool 21

    **FIFA Editing Toolsuite 1.0.8 Release** Editor The powerful Editor can be used to create mods, with the ability to import and export many files including Textures and Meshes, with an incredible amount of other features to help you along the way. Mod Manager You can use the Mod Manager to...