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  1. G

    Squads for MOD ‘ENT Patch 9.0’ and 'ENT-Journey DLC' (ICONS & HEROES, and other creations and modifications)

    I have made the following modifications: - 267 Icons, Heroes and players created. PLAYER LIST LINK - Age 19 for all international players. - Creation of minifaces for all international players. - Real names of stadiums in many countries. - Modification of numbers in clubs and selections to...
  2. dustin_ripp

    EEP Squadfile with Icons?

    Hey guys, does anyone have a squadfile from the EEP (with the new leagues) with baby, prime or moments icons? I tried my best to do it myself, but maybe I'm too bad with these db master / rdbm programs. Thanks a lot and greetings from germany
  3. B


    Hi friends, I am sharing the squad file that I made for you at the end of the hours, all the players who are stars and all the legendary players who are remembered as stars I wanted to bring together 8 different teams and give you a different and enjoyable game experience respect for labor I...
  4. F

    fifaleyy Icons+ for FIFA 22

    Hi all, my Icons+ squad file is back again this year! This is the first version with a total of 200 Icon players, with 105 FUT Icons, 19 FUT Heroes and 76 new Icons. I've used most of the Icon Moments stats from last year for this and will update when EA releases this year's Prime Moments...