fifa 18 world cup mod

  1. Y

    FIFA 18 World Cup Faces and Stats In Career Mode

    As you know faces and statistics updates of players from FIFA 18 World Cup are not availiable in FIFA 18 Career Mode. A perfect example is Asensio from Real Madrid. This patch merge the standard roster of FIFA 18 (18.06.2018) with FIFA 18 World Cup database (18.06.2018). The effect: more than...
  2. Redmessi

    FIFA 18 World Cup Mod

    FIFA 18 Worldcup Mod! My friends and me made a brilliant Mod we all have been waiting for! Over 80 Countries arround the World are fully licensed in the mod trying to win the most known Trophy of the globe. It will be released very soon! - before FIFA18 WorldCup Update on 29.May 2018 Check...