face mods

  1. zanellog

    Face mods not working after tu11, how to solve?

    Hi there! After tu11 face mods are not working anymore in career mode. I tried everything: using -dataPath FIFAModData, using last Mod Manager, correct Faces ID, and more. I've used Mudryk face mod by wichanwoo for a while and Enzo Fernandez by Alief too. Don't know what to do next to solve it...
  2. V

    Olympic games Mod 1952 from 2020 THREAD - Fifa 16 classic patch

    Hi guys i'm making the rest of the olympic games patch from 52 to 2020 in the fifa 16 classic patch. i already finished the teams from 92,96 and 2000 but there are some little adjustments to make. now i'm working on 1988 and 2004 so if you guys want to give some help on team kits, players faces...
  3. Ferdiyansyah Surya

    Faces Update Ferdiyansyah

    I try make face update Rashford and Trent alexander arnold :)
  4. ac12

    FROSTY EDITOR - Tutorial request

    Hi everyone, after several years I am getting back to doing some editing that for several reasons I had set aside. I'm looking for a tutorial for importing into frosty mesh editor. I edited some faces and would like to try it ingame, but I can't find the IMPORT function of the 3d model...
  5. D

    D-Tunez FIFA 20 Faces

    I started doing faces for Ajax (Erik Ten Hag, Edson Alvarez, Perr Schuurs etc.) But I like making faces so I will probably do more and show them off here!