1. Frmike

    Eredivisie faces forum

    Hey everyone! In this thread I'll post Eredivisie player faces that are made/converted by myself or by others. Feel free to help and share your own creations! Let's make the eredivisie great again! :dragan: (if you are good in modelling 3d hair files, i would like to get your help since i'm...
  2. L

    New team: Almere City FC 2020-21

    I made Almere City FC from the Dutch second division for fifa 14. The download link includes a simple cmp patch that allows you to add the team for the 2020-21 season to the game. The team is entirely up to date (as of September 2020) with the current season (players, formation, shirts, etc...
  3. JochemLFC2

    [FIFA 16] The Dutch project