1. soria

    My works by soria

    Hi all! I wanted to leave you previews of my works. For now I only focus on the Conmebol teams. Hope you like! SOON IN CONMEBOL MOD by FIFA Ecuador Modders CLUB NACIONAL DE FOOTBALL (Uruguay)
  2. MarlonRios10


    Hello modding community last year I made FIFA Ecuador MOD, this year I wanna go further. I am please to present the Conmebol Expansion for FIFA 22 As you know this is a very long work, so I am looking for people who can help me to finish this great mod (Kits, faces, graphics, anything) the plan...
  3. MarlonRios10

    FIFA Ecuador MOD 2021

    The FIFA Ecuador MOD 2021 Features: -Totally playable career mode -Liga Pro Serie A 2021 -Liga Pro Serie B 2021 -Segunda Categoria (10 teams and playoffs) -All players recreated with stats, mini faces and appearances -All teams recreated with team sheets, 2021 kits, banners, flags and logos -No...
  4. MarlonRios10

    Ecuadorian League Patch (In Progress)

    Hi every one i am creating a patch about The Liga Pro Ecuador, I having a great progress and I am looking for people who could colaborate with me to makle this patch. I really hope this mod could be complete, I really wish latin and ecuadorian modders could make a great work editing. CARRER...