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classic icons

  1. B


    Hi friends, I am sharing the squad file that I made for you at the end of the hours, all the players who are stars and all the legendary players who are remembered as stars I wanted to bring together 8 different teams and give you a different and enjoyable game experience respect for labor I...
  2. F

    fifaleyy Icons+ for FIFA 22

    Hi all, my Icons+ squad file is back again this year! This is the first version with a total of 200 Icon players, with 105 FUT Icons, 19 FUT Heroes and 76 new Icons. I've used most of the Icon Moments stats from last year for this and will update when EA releases this year's Prime Moments...
  3. F

    fifaleyy Icons+ V2 Update

    Hi all, I've created 50 more icons into the game on top of the Prime Icon Moments file by Aranaktu. It's still a work in progress but I would like to hear any feedback or suggestions! V2 Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/of4nu43d3hthr7r/Squads20210320023737/file V2 101 FUT Icon...
  4. Shadow_boy32

    FIFA 20 Hairstyle IDs

    Hello everyone. In this video you have all the hair ID s from FIFA 20. This ids you can use to aply for generic players or to import to specific faces also. For more , you can have a look to the video!!!
  5. Shadow_boy32

    Big Classic Players Patch for FIFA 20

    Contains: Classic players and legends for top clubs: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Milan, Inter, Juventus, Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona; Classic National Teams with all time legens for: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy; Retro/Classic...