campeonato uruguayo

  1. soria

    Graphics: Campeonato Uruguayo 2021 by soria

    Hello everybody! I get back into the editions of the "Campeonato Uruguayo" and this time with the 2021 edition. I bring you the graphics of this league, including minifaces, adboards, flags, trophys, and more. I hope it serves you! MONTEVIDEO CITY (Including the new transfers...
  2. soria

    Minifaces: Campeonato Uruguayo 2020 by soria

    Hello everyone, I make my first contribution by going back to the edition of minifaces for FIFA14. I am going to leave you the minifaces of the "Campeonato Uruguayo 2020", it is the 117th first division tournament of Uruguayan soccer organized by the AUF, corresponding to the year 2020. Where...