1. Johnny28ua

    Balls Johnny

    Guys all the balls I dropped for FIFA 16 I want to convert them all for FIFA 14 Thanks for some credits @pao4ever and @riesscar @vito thanks guys :-);-)
  2. A

    How to create a balls?

    Does anyone know any form or tutorial to create balls for fifa 2010?

    FIFA 19 Unlock all boots and balls!!

    Hey guys! I've figured out a way to unlock all the boots and balls in FIFA!!! Now, I've only tested this out in FIFA 19, but it should work in previous FIFA's as well! Only for PC. Now, this is really easy, and will only take a minute. There are 2 ways to do this. Download my locale.ini Copy...
  4. ovide

    fifa 19 balls to fifa 14
  5. ovide

    fifa 19 balls to fifa 14

    hello guys here I have all balls from fifa 19 to fifa 14, just rename the textures for the id you want
  6. HarryBullZak

    HELP! Convert F19 CL & EL Balls

    Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has the time or the inclination to convert or remodel these balls for FIFA 14? I've supplied the 3D model in 4 formats: .fbx (Binary) .fbx (ASCII) .dae .obj I had some success converting the .dae model to .rx3, but couldn't get it to work in FIFA 14. I have...