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    FIFA 2005 stadiums list

    better saint james park than the dragao i promise you that more people are hoping for saint james park than the dragao
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    Crashing problem

    Name: SiS 650_740 Manufacturer: SiS Chip type: SiS 740 Rev 00
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    Crashing problem

    Pardon my ignorance, but where would I search for one of these drivers? What exactly do I look for?
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    Crashing problem

    I checked the other forums, but couldn't find a similar problem... Anyway, I played the game once and it worked fine, no problems whatsoever. When I tried playing another game, a creepy looking black laser-beam type thing (for lack of a better word) shoots down from the sky onto the field...
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    Kit Photos Wanted By EA - Final List

    Magyarorszag: (Hungary) (just the home shirt...can't find the away shirt or a pic of the team wearing it)
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    No Romania? Only a few teams for the rest of the world?!:( Shame...

    Look dude, I agree with your general sentiments, but there are other places in this forum to complain about the league and team selection, rather than starting up a new thread to go about it
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    After Euro 2004... update your FIFA 2005 General Requests Here!

    1) More leagues and more ROW teams 2) More international teams 3) Ability to customise players, teams, kits, stadiums, atributes, ect 4) More active AI, more random plays, substitutions, tactical adjustments, ect 5) BETTER MENUS, EASIER TO USE (sounds small but this was a huge pain during...
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    Leagues and Clubs confirmed by EASports

    Anyone know EA's thinking behind their decision making when it comes to adding leagues? Are there licencing problems that come up that prevent or encourage the addition of leagues or is it just a judgement call??
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    leagues to be added to fifa2005

    Yeah, this has been covered and all the leagues are final
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    Hungarian squad

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me the Hungarian squad in Euro 2004...not everyone necessarily, just the standard starting 11 thanks :D
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    Leagues and Clubs confirmed by EASports

    I wish FIFA would have more diverse teams in the Rest of the World section...just one Turkish team, no Serbian teams, no Croatian teams, no Ukranian teams, no Russian teams, NO HUNGARIAN TEAMS (ok, that's just me), ect ect ect. AND there are Polish and Argentinian leagues listed despite them...
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    Research, my gentlemen!

    For the record, the research for the Hungarian NT was terrible, half the players EA listed weren't even on the NT anymore...not to mention the skills were all off
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    FIFA 2005 League Petition

    Indeed And I'll try to register another futile vote for the Hungarian league
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    FIFA 2005 League Petition

    Paul Washington, DC 1) Hungary (please please please please please please, I know it won't happen, but anyway) 2) Greece 3) More teams from "Rest of the World"
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    Yeah dude, you should have no problems with a line up like that
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    EA Sports makes EURO 2004 game

    Anyone know if Euro 2004 is gonna be available stateside?
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    Error in PC Gamer about FIFA 2004

    I have to agree, I'm a big fan of the commentary. It sounds really natural and TV-like And it sure as hell beats Julie Fowdy (ugh) and Don King from the NHL series (ugh too)
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    Do we write threads for nothing?

    I actually found this site because I read an interview where a guy from EA referred to getting input from the people posting on this site If that answers your question ;) So at the very least, they know it exists
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    NO idea how to do world cup

    First of all, you should do a search before you start a thread like this. It's a pretty common question and alot of people here don't take kindly to people doing repetative threads. That said, there is a way to do a World Cup, but it's annoying. Go to a tournament, pick an existing...
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    Anyone seen a list w/ starting team budgets?

    I haven't seen one but now that you mention it a sheet of player values and stats would be wicked handy