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    FIFA09 Kits by Tima55region

    well done tima55region great kits :innocent_smile_1::innocent_smile_1: i think the only premiership kit i am missing now is stoke city
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    Guimattoss Stadiums

    any chance you could covert this stadium please
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    Guimattoss Stadiums

    any chance you covert this stadium please portsmouth-fratton park
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    have found a load of stadium models on google sketch up. is it possible to covert these stadiums into fifa if so anyone got a tutorial of how to do it.
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    FIFA07 Stadium Download Index

    hi guys total newbie to fifa 07 only just bought it can someone tell me how you can install these stadiums into the game dont understand what cmp format is and what program to use to install these files thanx to anyone who can tell me.
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    Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures

    07-08 kits I am updating kits for 07/08 the english premiership but are strugglin to find a few kits. wondering if anyone knew if or who has made the following kits blackburn rovers h/a bolton wand h/a derby county a everton h/a liverpool h reading h
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    The Feedback Thread

    new kits does anyone know how to import new kits into fifa manager 06. i have tried a way using ea graph but whe i try and watch a 3d game it crashes back to the desktop
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    KitRaptor For FIFAM06?

    it might not be as popular as fifa but a lot of people would stil like to import kits into fifa manager 06.
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    Import kits into FIFA 06

    can this tool be used with fifa manager 06 or is anyone making a tool to import kits into fifa mamager 06
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    epl kits 05-06

    Thanks pede54 & ocar for your help
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    epl kits 05-06

    i have tried the search engine if you cant be bothered to put a constructive post dont bother :nape: :nape: :nape: :nape: :nape: :nape:
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    epl kits 05-06

    can anyone post to this thread or tell me where to find the following kits for the english premiership for the 05-06 season i have found most but cant seem to find the following: liverpool (H) newcastle u (H)(A) everton (H)(A) man c (H)(A) middlesboro (A) fulham (H)(A) west brom alb (A)
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    new epl kits

    has anyone made or in the process of making a epl patch with all epl kits for the 05-06 season avaliable for tcm2005 and fifa2005. or can anyone tell me where to find individual kits
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    1998 - 99 epl patch

    about a month ago a 92-93 epl patch was started but was never finished. everyone lost interest in it.i thought it was a good idea but there was no way i was going to finish it on my own,so im only guessing that not many people will help.if people are willing to finish these patches i am willing...
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    1992-3 EPL Patch

    what has happened to the 92-93 patch.ive been away for a week and have just checked the forum and nothing has been added to this post.has everyone given up on this patch? :nape: :nape:
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    1992-3 EPL Patch

    another attempt at leeds home ps i will be quiet till friday going away with work.
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    1992-3 EPL Patch

    cheers 4 the email pede54 my email should take a zip file. once i get the collars sorted i should get better at making kits,and help out properly making kits for this patch.we cant keep relying on you mate to make most of the other question my attempt at a leeds kit proxnet said to...
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    1992-3 EPL Patch

    i have made another attempt at a kit this time leeds utd home. any comments,i still cant seem to master the collar position right doesnt look right in game.
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    1992-3 EPL Patch

    I remember a lot about this season it was the last time villa were any good.
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    1992-3 EPL Patch

    pede54 the picture you have posted is the 3rd kit for the 92-93 season. the white kit was the official away kit for the 91-92 and 92-93 season.i have double checked in my programmes from the 92-93 season and have found action shots from away games wearing the white kit.they only wore the yellow...