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  1. KnightRider08

    USL Championship Mod

    Hello everyone! I am currently attempting to add the USL Championship (USA 2nd Div) to FIFA 20. So far I've been working on some textures, which I'll upload screenshots later on, but I have a couple of questions regarding some necessary steps. Has anybody added (more like replaced) leagues...
  2. KnightRider08

    FIFA 18 3D Models For Rhino

    Now Available: FIFA 18 Kit Models for Rhino v5
  3. KnightRider08

    KnightRider08's Kits

    Reserved:dragan: Tigres UANL Color: Tigres UANL Coeff: Tigres UANL Normal: Brief tutorials Import kits: Create Coeffs: Create Normal:
  4. KnightRider08

    KnightRider's Kits (No Requests)

    Sorry I can't take any requests but I'll leave my kits for anyone to use. Perfected using Al Pacino PT's model. Tigres Home 15/16 kit Liga MX Edition (2078x2078) The faded TELCEL Logo is an actual "patch" placed on top of it in game worn kits as seen in the Copa Libertadores semifinal vs Inter...
  5. KnightRider08

    Looking Inside The FIFA data_graphic2.big File

    I found some interesting textures using Jenkey's FIFA FILE EXPLORER 2014. Maybe you've already seen them but I just wanted to point them out so that we can expect them in the full game. 1. Retro kits for some major teams. Barcelona 1992 KIT 2. Career Mode Competitions will have...
  6. KnightRider08

    Knight Rider's Kit(t) Factory

    Well... it was about time I dusted off the account and my computer for some kit making.(Y) Due to my scheduling limitations (work and school), I am unable to accept requests at this time. Pardon the inconvenience. Chelsea FC 13/14 Home Work In Progress: Philadelphia Union Third Kit Tigres...
  7. KnightRider08

    Question about Virtual Pro and DBM

    When you create your virtual pro does it create a new player id in the database?
  8. KnightRider08

    How to change fonts on FIFA 11...

    While browsing Texture Editor on my fifa 11 i stumbled on the jersey font files in data3.big When I extracted them I saw that they were in True Type Font file extension. Somehow I decided to play around with it and try to replace it with an authentic font :-) And it worked. :33vff3o: Open...
  9. KnightRider08

    Knight Rider's KITT's and more xD

    Hope I can be more consistent this time. (Y) Index: Kits Tigres 2010-2011 GK Shirt Tigres 2012 Home Shirt Leaked Prototype Mods: Arena Monterrey,NL mod Juninho Licenses credit
  10. KnightRider08

    Knight Rider Kits

    Just started making kits for my game. This is the 2010 Tigres UANL kit home still a work in progress Sorry no requests at this time please. Feel free to comment:bob:
  11. KnightRider08

    Help with face modification.

    I downloaded a face for Cuauhtemoc Blanco that is like the one in FIFA 10 and tried to install it using CM09. However, when I replace the skin PNG, I get a warning (will post when I get to my computer and the 3d model does not appear. In the game, he has the red and green skin. Can anyone help me?
  12. KnightRider08

    Can anyone help me with adsign trouble

    I installed a couple of adboards to my favorite team but when I play the game, The regular FIFA 09, Fair Play ect appear and the custom ones never appear. What did I do wrong? I used Rinaldo's CM09 program