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    Arsenal agree link with Colorado Rapids

    Arsenal today enters into an exclusive agreement with Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE) — the leading live sports and entertainment group based in Denver - with the primary aims of building the Arsenal brand in the US; helping to improve the quality of football at MLS team Colorado Rapids and...
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    Terry Tate

    Is the best thing I've ever seen. Terry Tate Sensitivity Training Office Sports Awards Drafting (H)
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    Team talk bug?

    I beat Debrecen 7-0, so I said that I wanted my players to play like this every week and they all said I wasn't giving them enough creidt... what the hell...
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    UEFA Champion's League- CSKA Moscow vs Arsenal [P+R]

    Early kick off today, Arsenal in fine form, but this is gonna be tough, cold and away from home. A 1-0 win will do for me.
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    Time to test the scouting system.

    I got my hands on FM Genie Scout (an excellent FM Scout clone, better than the original) an I've decided to see how accurate my scouts are and to what extent their scouting stats count for. I'll be doing this over a period of time.
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    Can we get a players forum please?

    Might as well get it up now, talk about demo players, especially as you can carry the game on when the full release is out.
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    Sig reqeust, because you love me

    Who wants to do an Arsenal sig with the message- We Steal Your Kids And a picture of Fabregas? Edit-
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    My first game for my new club tomorrow!

    I play for Alexandra Park. I dunno which XI i'm playing for (there's 6 overall). I'm hoping to play CM for them, but I said I was a defender as well. Wish me luck!
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    I fear MSI if what the BBC reports are true.

    BBC released the details of the transfers for Tevez and Mascherano. Basically, West Ham pay a nominal fee, both players have £35 million release clauses that can be activated from January onwards. If the £35 million bid is made, and the transfer goes through West Ham get no money, besides the...
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    just got this game, and it's so fun! I liked Hitman 2, but they've really improved the game, you can do loads of cool stuff, you can tie people up to chairs, cut wires so chandellers fall on people. It's really fun, and you can't just run around killing people now there is a bit of stealth...
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    I need help learning how to effectively cut out people etc.

    For example how do I remove the background from this picture of van Persie? I try using magic want of photoshop but I keep on picking up parts of him, I change the tolerance and try it on different levels and still having trouble. Is this picture too blurred for magic wand?
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    Exam Results

    Get my A2s tomorrow.... for non-English people, these results are what I use to get into uni. I am SO scared.
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    Lower League Help Needed

    I've started a game as Barnet, English League 2 club. Expectations- Battle bravely against relegation (I chose them cos they were my favourite conference side as they're local). Anyway here's pics- Team Transfers In Transfers Out Results Now as you can see, I've got a...
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    Where the hell is Matt?

    Where the hell is Matt? Watch the video on this link. It's best video ever. It made me smile and laugh so much. It's such a sinple idea, yet so great. For those of you who want to know what it is before you click, it's a guy dancing all around the world. It's brilliant.
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    Every Country Has Played A Match Now. Your impressions?

    Ok. I know it's early days but we now can make a fair judgement on every country. What is, in your opinion, the- 1) Best Game So Far? 2) Most Impressive Performance? 3) Worst Game So Far? 4) Worst Performance So Far? 5) Best Goal So Far? And has your prediction for the...
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    I do feel sorry for any football fan in America

    FOX News GRR report on football From what my biased little eyes can tell, America is too rich to like football. I do know this is one persons opinion so don't rip me to pieces...
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    F.A. Cup Final- Liverpool vs West Ham [R]

    What a ******* game. Scoring wend like so- Jamie Carragher og 21min- 0-1 West Ham Dean Ashton 29min- 0-2 West Ham Cissé 32 min- Liverpool 1-2 Steven Gerrard 54 min- Liverpool 2-2 Konchesky 64min- 2-3 West Ham Gerrard 91min- Liverpool 3-3 Liverpool with 4-2 on penalties. Now...
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    Liverpool vs Chelsea F.A. Cup Semi-final [P/R]

    At Old Trafford. Big game for 'poolm, their last chance at a trophy. I'll go for a 2-1 victory for pool Gerrard and Garcia to score a dodgey goal, Drogba for Chelsea.
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    To Get Your Juices Flowing For The World Cup

    Here are two clips of the greatest British sports presenter ever. Commentating on World Cup 1994 in America. Clip 1 Clip 2 Please watch in order :) Note: Strong language.
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    Who is your favourite? Gambit here. He's Cajun (and therefore has the coolest voice ever) He sacrificed being the most powerful being in the unoiverse to defeat his evil clone. He has TWO mutations. The ability to add Kinetic energy to objects, and a mutation which makes people believe...