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    Best moments of PES 2008

    i hope you enjoy...
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    Which camera view? Pes2008

    just wanted to know what camera view has the most users... i use TV1 or Broadcasting 1 .. How about you?
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    PES 2008 Demo Screenshots & Videos

    here you can post screenshots or videos recorded from the game..:shades:
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    Convert a Pes5 Stadium into Pes6 compatible..

    Hi, :) just wanted to know; are there any convert tools to convert a pes5 stadium into a pes6 one, compatible, and also import them to pes6. Please let me know. Thanks.
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    Pro Gaming WE i felt like a noob after watching this :mexican:
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    Best Moments of Pes6 - Volume 1

    here's a compilation which contains some goals, tricks and nice scenes from pes6. i hope you like. :)
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    Online bug (?)

    hi all :) i am usually not a person, who's dying to find bugs all the time and blame the game because of them and write topics how bad the game is vs vs... i just try to accept the game as it is.. but in online mode i've noticed some bug (?) which i wanted to ask you if you have this...
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    What a bug!

    bug video from pes5.. keeper touches the ball outside the penalty area but no whistle from the referee..
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    Game <-> Real

    So i start with my recent scored :) Duplicate Goal of Hooijdonk against Sparta Praque in CL 03/04 (Fenerbahce) Just post your most 'real' goal here :)
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    Pes5 Demo Compilation 2 (6:30mins long, 43MB DivX)

    Here is my second pes5 demo compilation.. its the longest compilation i have ever made.. 6:30 minutes long.. good quality.. 43MB big.. it has goals, misses, feints, tricks, cutscenes etc... :) DOWNLOAD
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    Pes5 Demo Compilation

    my first compilation for pes5 :) i hope you enjoy.. about 30MB, 4mins, divx.avi.. DOWNLOAD
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    Faces by ibo ©®

    i've decided to open a thread in which i also present you my works: mostly faces from players @ Turkish Super League btw.. :) Volkan Arslan Galatasaray SK Ibrahima Yattara Trabzonspor SK Ümit Ozat Fenerbahce SK Necati Ates Galatasaray SK Hakan Sükür Galatasaray SK...
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    Weird looking Goals..

    how to score a goal with your chest... :) download here:
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    "Ronaldinho" move.. almost :p :D
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    Why I hate playing against CPU..

    ok, PES4 is good, some aspects of the game are even godlike, but... there are (still) 2 annoying things, which makes multiplayer part 10 times more attractive: 1)- too many cheatings: i have just made 3 matches all of them ended 1:1 (me leading till stoppage time).. it seems there's...
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    Ibos Kits

    Fenerbahce 2004/05 Home CL DAPs templates -> 1st | 2nd
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    Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3!!

    ok.. when i connect the pad (Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3) to a free usb port, it says "drivers not found" and i cannot use it (also not visible in gamecontrollers menu) .. but on the box it says "100% win xp compatible" :( next problem is, that there are no drivers for this gamepad...
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    Free worldwide SMS ??

    :mrpimp: i just wanted to know if there are some sites, where i can send free sms worldwide .. so please if you know some sites write here.. thx :)
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    2 user on 1 comp

    :( Is it possible to create 2 user accounts on 1 machine, which both are using different partitions of the harddisk??? (or both of them have its own "folder", which is not accessable for the other user) ??? e.g. i have a 60GB partition. now i want that User1 can only access 50GB (not...
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    Fantasy Puma Ball - Combinations

    hi, i have created 2 more color combinations of the fantasy puma ball i made.. i also take requests if anyone wants club-specific colors and/or logos etc... Besiktas J.K. BMP | BIN Fenerbahce S.K. BMP | BIN to be continued.. :)