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    Retro Kits by acicog

    INDEX: INTERNATIONAL El Salvador 2009 (H/A) England 2008 Italy 1978 Russia 2009 ( H ) Serbia 2009 Ukraine 2009 AUSTRIA Sturm Graz 2000-01 ENGLAND Arsenal 2001-02 (A) Chelsea 1997-98 (GK) FRANCE Montpellier PSC 1988-89 ITALY Brescia 1988-89 Empoli 1987-88 Lazio 1988-89 Roma 1998-99...

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v.1.2

    Hi all! I'm one of the admin of the Classic Patch 14. I'm working on a conversion of our patch to Fifa 16...and it looks good! I want to be onest to all of you, the development of this conversion will be slowly and @GIGGIRIVA can't help me; personally I use this conversion to check some...

    [OFFICIAL] REQUEST/NEED HELP Graphics for Classic Patch 14

    Hi all, I and tomasoni are looking for some graphics stuff. If you have this things can you share with us to improve the Classic Patch 14 (club version)? Obviously we will put in the credits. If there are kitmakers, bootmakers, scoreboardmakers...any help is appreciated to create some of this...