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  1. molokodrinker

    Resize image in rx3

    Hello, I come back on my fifa15. I want to made some update on stadium texture. I want to know how to resize some image inside a rx3 file (32x32 to 256x256) please? I hope someone can help me.
  2. molokodrinker

    I need a little help

    Hello I have add a stadium in my game to replace an other. I don't made this stadium. I download it. In the game I have this trouble with the touchline bench : Can someone help me and tell me how to fix this trouble, please? I imagine there is one file I need to edit but I don't know which...
  3. molokodrinker

    Scarf problem

    Hello everybody, I have made some scarf for my carreer team (Olympique de Marseille). The file is here: But when I want to see them ingame my game crashe when I load a match ( quick match ou carreer match is the same crash). An other thing, I use the...
  4. molokodrinker

    molokodrinker's Ligue 1 Graphics

    Hello, I start this thread with adboards for Olympique de Marseille:
  5. molokodrinker

    Molokodrinker Kits (Updates and Kit Numbers)

    Hello, sorry for my poor english. I have started to fix some kits for french ligue 1 clubs. It's only fix, not my kits. For example an update of Bordeaux away: EA version : My version : I also add realistic captain armband. I update the color. I add some logos missed by EA (or sponsors...
  6. molokodrinker

    Molokodrinker's Adboards

    Hi, a little come back: I don't do anything on fifa since fifa12. I'll try to made some french adboards(and maybe others little things) I started with Olympique de Marseille:
  7. molokodrinker

    Can I edit tournement in carrer mode

    Hello, I want to know if it's possible to edit a tournement without crashing career mode. I see there is only 5 substitute in french ligue 2. If it's possible to edit this tournement and put 7 substitute, how can I do this? and can I do this without crashing my carrer? Thanks in advance...
  8. molokodrinker

    Seek somebody who can edit the files of the game…

    Hello, I saw, in the manager mode of fifa12, that the adboards of the clubs appeared in the matches of championship, but not in the matches of cup. I looking for someone who could tell me which file it is necessary to edit (and how) to correct this coarse error of EA sports. I know there is...
  9. molokodrinker

    Adboards for french clubs [2011/12]

    Hello, I have start this work in the fifa11 part of this forum. Here I'll post all the adboards for french clubs for 2011/12 season. Ever made: Marseille: Lille: Toulouse (with a little update):
  10. molokodrinker

    Some french banners...

    Hello, I will try to made some banners for french clubs. I don't have time to made a lot. It 's very long now with the new format. First one the greatest french club: next one, maybe Monaco.
  11. molokodrinker

    French ligue 1 ball from 2011

    New ball for the second half of the season from january 2011: import with id 203.
  12. molokodrinker

    Some french adboards for FIFA11

    I started with Olympique de Marseille: Next: AS Saint Etienne (like this I will be made the two most legendary and populary french club). PS: I don't know how to import them in game for now, but I think in some week we'll can do that. ;)
  13. molokodrinker

    Changing resolution

    Hello everybody, I want to know if it's possible to change the resolution of the game in 16/9 format (1920x1080 for exemple) with a locale.ini file or with an other tool, please.
  14. molokodrinker

    Calendar for created league

    Hello, I have created two league with CM10. The 3rd and the 4th french league, with 20 teams in the 3nd and 24 in the 4th. But I have a problem. If I started a manager mode game with a club of 3rd league everything is well. But if I choose a club of the 4th league the game return to windows...
  15. molokodrinker

    All adbaords for french ligue 1 - 09/10

    Hello. LINK:
  16. molokodrinker

    Some french kits...

    Hello, Monaco gk:
  17. molokodrinker

    Some french club kits

    Hello. I'll made some kits for the new season (09-10). Only french club from all divisions. First, Rouen h, a et gk (from National= French league3):
  18. molokodrinker

    Fonts for french clubs

    hello, here is some french font for new season. LFP 2009-10: noire: blanche: OM h, a et 3: Bordeaux h et a: Lyon h et a:
  19. molokodrinker

    Problem with adboards.

    Hello. I'm loocking for the file I must modified for I can play exhibition games and competition games with the good adboards. In this two mode there is the adboards 99. Help me please, I can't find a solution. Thanks.
  20. molokodrinker

    PAtch fot french football fans...

    Hello guys. If you like french football, I have made a little patch who update the rooster and the graphic of FIFA07. There is the 4 first division in france (ligue1, ligue 2, national, and CFA). They work in carrer mode. I have add the euro and the world cup a lot of european team in...