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  1. soria

    Campeonato Uruguayo banners/flags/adboards

    Hello everybody! Here I will leave some banners and flags of the Campeonato Uruguayo. NOTICE! THE BANNERS ARE CREATED BY FIFA-URUGUAY, WHILE THE FLAGS WERE CREATED BY ME. CERRO CERRO LARGO DANUBIO FÉNIX
  2. soria

    [MOD] [Project] Segunda División Uruguay 2020/21

    Hello everybody! I come to bring you a project of the Second Division of Uruguayan Soccer 2020/21 for our FIFA14. It really is not a league that is appreciated but it is the second professional division of my country that I admire a lot and I am pleased with the idea of personally creating this...
  3. soria

    Kits by soria

    Hello everybody! I have started to try to create simple kits for the Second Division of Uruguay, in this case of the champion "Club Sportivo Cerrito". For now I have only made the home kit, I would be grateful if you could help me with some templates that you have since I plan to continue...
  4. soria

    Minifaces by soria

    Hello everybody! Here in this post / thread I will upload my minifaces packs for our FIFA. Here I will dedicate myself to both South American and European teams! If you have any specific team... I can take your request! I hope you enjoy. - soria LIGA DE QUITO (Ecuador) - CONMEBOL Libertadores -...
  5. soria

    Minifaces: Campeonato Uruguayo 2020 by soria

    Hello everyone, I make my first contribution by going back to the edition of minifaces for FIFA14. I am going to leave you the minifaces of the "Campeonato Uruguayo 2020", it is the 117th first division tournament of Uruguayan soccer organized by the AUF, corresponding to the year 2020. Where...
  6. soria

    How to edit a stadium created by a user?

    Hi! I wanted to publish this post to be able to know in some way how I can edit a stadium already created by a user (Gran Parque Central). I mean to edit the background of the stadium by importing some trees or buildings, and importing flags in the grandstand. How can I do it? Thank you very much!