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  1. Andrei0401

    Help GK Nike Gardien III

    Hi! Does anyone have any idea how to remove the 2 sponsors from this kit? Or can someone remove the 2 sponsors from the kit and keep the kit clean without sponsors? Or does anyone have GK Nike Gardien III Template black colour like this?
  2. Andrei0401

    2 Faces Request

    Hi!I really want the face of Fernando Boldrin(Rizespor) and Junior Morais(Gaziantep) if anyone could do them. I am willing to pay for them.
  3. Andrei0401

    Romanian Kits by GMP Edit Team

    Salut baieti!Stiu ca pe acest forum sunt si ceva romani care isi doresc kiturile echipelor romanesti pentru FIFA, asa ca m-am gandit sa postez aici cateva dintre kiturile facute de mine, respectiv de echipa GMP Edit Team.Nu sunt eu marele creator de kituri dar fac kituri destul de decente.Voi...
  4. Andrei0401

    Joma Kit Template Request

    Hi!I need Joma Kit Template in blue, red, yellow, black and white color!Does anyone have these kits?
  5. Andrei0401

    Scoreboard Text Color(I NEED HELP)

    Hi!I managed to introduce a new scoreboard, but I don't know how to change the colour of clock numbers and score numbers!I need help!
  6. Andrei0401

    FIFA 19 Formations

    Hi!I want to change formations at some clubs, but I don't know how to make this!I tried to change formations in DB Master but don't work!I need help! :))
  7. Andrei0401

    Romanian League Kits Request

    Hi! I need FCSB New Kit 19/20 by Nike.Who can do this kit?
  8. Andrei0401


    Hi!I'm trying to change the font of number and name on the kits, but i can't do this! How can I do that?Anyone have any idea? ....But the color of the name and numbers?
  9. Andrei0401

    Romanian League Create Help!

    Hello!I have a question!I make Romanian League(I replaced the Danish league) but I don't know how to change in the Competition section at 4 characters name in ROMA and I make 26 legs in CG FIle Explorer but in game I have only 23!How to create a league in CG File Explorer without error?(With...
  10. Andrei0401

    Transition Logo Of Replays

    Hello!How to change transition logo of replays?I want to change the transition logo on Denmark League!Please help me!