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  1. MarkCwee

    Kit corrections

    Hiya to all. Q: How to change position of kit number on certain kits? i assume that is related to jerseyfrontnumberplacementcode in LiveEditor right? Example: I have a problem with Germany home kit where front number on shirt is placed on side, not in center of the shirt. Help someone?
  2. MarkCwee

    Kits request

    Hello ppl. Does anyone have Crvena Zvezda (Red Star Belgrade) and Partizan kits for fifa 20? I would like to make some changes. FIP20 patch does have this teams with kits in it, but it's wrong/old and owner of the patch doesn't want to share fbproject... I would be very grateful guys if you can...
  3. MarkCwee

    Cwee Mod

    Hello there. I've managed to create my first mod, including Juventus and Boca Juniors. Check it out and enjoy.