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    Favourite Fifa

    fifa 2003 or fifa 98 i find best
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    Most Underrated Players in FIFA 2005

    just like buffon man
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    Most overrated player in the game?

    why not!buffon is never be the best keeper of the world man:rolleyes:
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    Most Underrated Players in FIFA 2005

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    Indoor Soccer Gaming Patch Project Current Update for FIFA 2005

    make it in the right site just as a real indoorpitch and make it in a cave just as it was with fifa 98 if it is possible
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    Face Request Thread

    heerenveen:yildirim,huntelaar,jeroen drost,henrico drost bruggink rc genk:engelaar az:landzaat,huysegems,timmer,van galen,mathijsen perez,meerdink,elkhattabi ajax:stekelenburg,boukhari,de jong,galasek,de ridder soetaers,pienaar...
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    Most overrated player in the game?

    BUFFON BEST KEEPER OF THE WORLD!!!:f***::rolleyes: you must be joking wright:crazyboy: there are lot of keepers much better than buffon man look to canizares,Chimenti,robinson,dida,fontana, valdez.
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    Most overrated player in the game?

    because of a politics game man
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    Most overrated player in the game?

    yeh wright:rolleyes:
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    possible to make an indoor stadium?

    yeh i want that to man
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    Josephd18's Face Thread

    jang already have made that face man
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    PES4 faces here...

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    PES4 faces here...

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    PES4 faces here...

    he james and could you also give a try to yildirim and huntelaar please gere are the pics ive you need them
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    PES4 faces here...

    DAMN HAVE YOU ADD THIS FACE AS NEW WITHOUT TO REPLACE FOR ANOTHER ONE FANTASTIC MAN!!! :rockman: :rockman: :rockman: and the facwe looks also awesome man!!:rockman: :rockman:
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    ask james he will know it
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    My Boots

    damn awesome boots man:rockman: !! hope that they are in the original size and not in 2gb really great stuff man
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    National Sqauds That Are A Must!!!

    damn man it would be so nice if they can get all the countrys of th world so also of those small countrys like fiji and that they also can add all comantary for all those countrys and for all those players who play there and also for all the clubs and their players so also for lower...
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    KINAS Face Thread

    DAMN!! WHAT A REAL MANICHE FACE MAN:rockman: :rockman: :rockman: