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    darxxx's FIFA07 Logo updates (Requests Welcome!)

    is this the new zealand national team logo if it is can you make it thanks
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    inserting new kits not in zdata

    is there a way to insert a new kit eg a training kit with newcastle with out having to go into the zdata files i have tried creation master but it doesnt seem to work if there isnt another way can someone tell me how to do it
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    Show off your squad if you fancy your self as a spotter of talents and potential

    newcastle 3rd season Casilas ramos richards Mertesacker and abidal ronaldo diego Dos Santos Kaka RF Messi LF Ronaldinho or tevez Torres or martins
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    Diego's kits thread

    ok ill try it out later thanks
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    Diego's kits thread

    thanks mate i understand now
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    Newcastle United [2006/2007]

    roeder said he isnt going to extend his contract YES FINALY apparently fulham want him
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    Best Player(s)

    good players to buy gk= given df= terry metzelder ramos lahm kompany mf= fabregas milner ronaldinho c.ronaldo messi sneijder upfront= martins huntelaar owen keane torres villa
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    Diego's kits thread

    sorry im a bit of a idiot what do you mean where do i import them
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    Tips & Tricks

    are you on the fifam07 forum
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    Question Fifa Manager 2007

    if your in the prem league if you finish 1st or second you will go though automaticaly what league are you in
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    Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...

    same it doesnt work for me
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    Diego's kits thread

    thanks but is there another way as it crashes on me quite often btw if i do it in cm07 were abouts were would i have to load the kits into (i know its goalie but what club or country)
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    New Kits 2007/2008

    i like the new newcastle kit but it may be as im a newcastle fan i think the back could be better though
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    Diego's kits thread

    just wondering how can i add these to the game as it is not in kit raptor is it? soz if it has been already been awnsered thanks :) great kits mate
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    Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures

    where can i find it btw i would search the forum in the search button but it doesnt work when i use it as it says cannot find page sorry about this
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    Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures

    please may someone make me the new newcastle kit here are the links to the kit
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    darxxx's FIFA07 Logo updates (Requests Welcome!)

    please may some one make me a cork city logo thanks here is a image: thanks again
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    Oº°‘¨Crisronaldo-7's kits & mini-kits thread¨‘°ºO

    can you do a newcastle home please as your amazing at this thanks
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    Player Pictures

    for the player pictures if it has a white background will it come up in the game and has some one got lots of player pictures like the pics on the xbox 360 style game thanks very much and also ( i dont wont to start a new thread(i know it should be in the kit section))has anyone made...