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    swap deals

    I think you cant make it... the game decides which players enter the list for swaps... :nape:
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    [HELP] Spanish patch

    Ask mister Google please :jambo:
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    [HELP] Spanish patch

    Yes, there is... :hump:
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    No games for reserves

    It should b considered a bug... theres no reason to have a reserve team if it doesnt play... to hell with real life in this point... the leagues I remember that have Reserve matches are: Premier League on England and 1° Division on Spain
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    hello to one and all....

    Go to player Contracts session upright you have a little button to Set Players Fine...
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    Need tweaking help

    Man, try to ask it in the official english forum of the game... Shawn itself could help you
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    teamwork help

    Where do ya see the team work value???
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    Look for players with Free Agent option... if you dont like them, sell next season and at least you´ll be making money$$$$ If theres 2nd division there, look for good playas with offer from Higher Division Release Clause; or at other countries for players with Offer from aboard release...
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    First Time Player

    Theres so many areeas on tha game... which one do you need help?? :boohoo:
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    Where Can I Buy This

    Dont buy it... this game dont deserve your support :nape: :nape:
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    Mexican flag in Scotland?

    Ilegal imigrants are everywhere... :kader:
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    Reserve Players

    The only way is to release him and contract again for the 1st team... the feature of moving players from reserve to 1st team isnt working in the game :nape:
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    Manager level rating

    Man, my level is changing from LvL 3 and 4 all the time... Im sure it does decrease!!!!! :)
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    a little question about reserve teams

    There is a 3rd part patch that make reserve leagues for ALL the countries... the problem is that you have to start a new game to make it works (I really dont want to start a new game; right now Im on 2017 year :lui: )
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    Tips & Tricks

    Ok. but I have other question for ya When my player get bids and I start to negociate with tha clubs, it has happen a lot of times, the player choose to sign free transfer with the club that didnt reach my price instead to sign with the one that have paid me for him. :jambo: :jambo: How...
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    Manager level rating

    Im stuck on LvL 3... I think you need to win some matches in a row to gain lot of points (at least if you lose in a row your level decrease :fool: ) maybe winning championship or cups should help in it too.
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    Player's Holidays

    how much time do they stay there?? I use to let them only 1 week and never have received the Disaster message...
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    My 15 years old star

    Man, we must not be talking about the same game... there are no options in FIFA manager 2006 to train the youth team. If you can do this please describe me the EXACT way to do it :jap:
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    My 15 years old star

    I put my hugely experienced Young Coacher to take care of this... did never schedule training for young players... (:/) (:/) *************************************************** Hey man, there´s no way to shedule youth training,,, you can only select the individual training ability to be...
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    Player's Holidays

    I think the right way to make players happy is to send them on Training Camps... have you tried??