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    online with two palyers on same side

    Hello, could somebody explain to me how you play online with two players on the same side, i have played against people using this option but ive been unable to work out how to do it. Can anyone help?
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    The Superpatch

    The trouble with it is last night i went to play online with it, and i couldnt get a single game with someone with the patch...oh well im sure it will change as people get to know about it. Apart from that its absolutely bloody fantastic, the stadiums and the pitches are superb, the music is...
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    defensive tactics online

    Hi guys, been playing alot online recently, on the pes launcher UK ladder. When ive played against people who are high in the ladder ive had trouble because they are so good defensively. What defensive tactics do people use? Is it worth man marking? In some games i just dont have the space and...
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    what patch?

    ive got both WE8i and pes 4 . WE8i is patched with wolfs frankly fantastic patch, pes 4 has got the evo web english patch on it which is frankly a bit ropey. I would patch pes4 with wolfs patch again but i would be cool to have something different Does anybody have any other suggestions on what...
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    A happy boy..............

    last night i installed we8i with the wolf patch fantastic! (thanks wolf). I reinstalled pes4 with the english patch from the evo web like a dream....few bugs though. It feels like ive got two totally different absolutely brilliant footy games on my pc............iam indeed a...
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    new option file

    hi guys, is there a new option file released since the transfer window?
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    White Hart Lane

    does anyone know if anyone has made it yet? Also is there aother sound patch apart from solidus and ollies? cheers