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    online with two palyers on same side

    Hello, could somebody explain to me how you play online with two players on the same side, i have played against people using this option but ive been unable to work out how to do it. Can anyone help?
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    The Superpatch

    The trouble with it is last night i went to play online with it, and i couldnt get a single game with someone with the patch...oh well im sure it will change as people get to know about it. Apart from that its absolutely bloody fantastic, the stadiums and the pitches are superb, the music is...
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    The Wolf PES5 Superpatch 1.0.1 Easy Install

    Nice one wolf, much appreciated! Hows fifa 06 going by the way? :lui:
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    HELP!!! I hate shooting :(

    oress r2 I shoot mostly holding R2, this gives you a more measured sidefoot shot, you also still miss and blast it over. It seems to work for me though. If that does not work, then have a long practice session of shooting!
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    PES5 - PS2 Review

    I really can't understand what your problem is with this game wolf. Its streets ahead of Fifa. STREETS! You really have to now play football in this.....its a simulation not an arcade title like Fifa. I really want to write a long reply to justify all the points but i can't be arsed.
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    BeardyMagic's Fifa Commentary Patch---Get It Now!

    truly a great it!
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    Patch for FULL game?WE8I

    some people just arent satisfied! :)
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    White Hart Lane

    hmm if i was being picky id say where is the world famous cockerill at the top of the west and east stands, the media centre, and the jumbotrons? Not a great likeness of WHL, but a bloody good effort and much better than i could ever do. yid army
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    defensive tactics online

    come on you lot!
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    defensive tactics online

    Hi guys, been playing alot online recently, on the pes launcher UK ladder. When ive played against people who are high in the ladder ive had trouble because they are so good defensively. What defensive tactics do people use? Is it worth man marking? In some games i just dont have the space and...
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    WE8I: Any way to change views online?

    i always get my default veiw when i host
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    Chelsea, wolfs 2005 patch?

    its always kezman and drogba for me drogba kezman duff robben lampard makelele bridge gallas terry carvalho...
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    Chelsea, wolfs 2005 patch?

    Try some different formations, try counter attacking....i guess. I find some teams formations make it very difficult for me to score.....
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    I want to buy this game for my PC

    blimey cant you get all your questions in one post! ;) Its probably pes4 in the UK at the mo, but alot of people have both now. I only play online with WE8i and i have no shortage of people to play. I agree though would be great to be able to play cross platform. I think konami rushed the net...
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    I want to buy this game for my PC

    yeah all the same features as it man
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    I want to buy this game for my PC

    The wolf patches are for WE8i and PES4, search the forum for links. You can only playonline with other WE8i users, using peslauncher you will be able to find lots of people to play.
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    I want to buy this game for my PC

    IMO not a great deal, handballs on we8i, and seems a little more fluid. I personally have both but prefer to play we8i.
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    Scoring from Midfield glitch?

    my mate keeps pinging them past my keeper from midfield straight from kick off, normally with henry, he scored his best with viduka tho. Can be bloody satifying if you score one though. :)
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    League Mode

    the masterleague can be utterly absorbing give it a try mate. I know its not ultra realistic, but its loads of fun....give it a try
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    changing Chinese version of WE8i to English.

    what, are you the school prefect or something:kader: