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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 11 - PS3

    Welcome to the Fifa 11 Concacaf Forum for PS3 and Xbox360. This is experimental forum. I don't know how creation center will work, but I'm hoping people can make some teams from the concacaf region for PS3 and Xbox360 using creation center. It would be great to see teams from these leagues...
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 11

    Welcome to the Fifa 11 Concacaf Forum. I'm sure that many great patches will come out this year for the Concacaf region. In the past we have been able to offer many great leagues and teams from our region. It would be great to see updates for these leagues this year. I'm just keeping this...
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 10

    Welcome to the Fifa 10 Concacaf Forum. I'm sure that many great patches will come out this year for the Concacaf region. In the past we have been able to offer many great leagues and teams from our region. I would like to see updates to many of leagues we have seen in the past and...
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 09

    What a wonderful opportunity we have this year to make more progress toward a complete concacaf region in Fifa 09. With importation from fifa 08 with kits and files being so easy, we can expand further with more teams and leagues. Hopefully all of us who make national teams, and league...
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    Tournament Crashing Problem

    I'm using creation master to make tournaments. I made two tournaments. One small simple tournament for national teams, and imported one that worked in 07. It crashes on the menu screen. It crashes on the nations selection screen when going through the different countries before you click...
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 08

    Well, another fifa year is here. This year I will continue to focus on the Concacaf Region for Fifa 08. Mainly I will work on the Concacaf Club Patch, but I still possibly will do some of the National teams also. I still would like to see a complete Costa Rican league in the patch. As...
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    Game crashes at beginning of second season with new league - Any suggestions?

    I have finished most of the database for my concacaf club patch. It has almost 100 teams. But I have a crash problem. I can play the new leagues in career mode, but when I goto the second season. Well it goes normal, takes a little longer for it to compute with all the new teams. I can...
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    Concacaf Forum 07

    Ok, I'm starting the Concacaf 07 forum. It took me a while to get my game delivered from the States, but now I have it. And I'm already editing away with Creation Master by Rinaldo. Ohhhhh! it's so easy to edit the game these days! Ok, Same goals as previous years. Concacaf Club...
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    ialmrnt5 display driver has stopped working normally

    ialmrnt5 display driver has stopped working normally, error I get when I'm trying to play fifa 06 on my new computer. Anybody hav any advice. My video card is a mobile intel 945 GM I reinstalled the driver with no avail
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    UniDB for WC 06? How can I view the demo .db?

    UniDB for WC 06? How can I view the demo .db?
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    New league crash problem in manager mode

    I've been having a problem with a league in manager mode. I converted my USL 2005 patch to 2006. And it crashes sometime in the transfer window, and all the time at the end of every season where it does the scouting and transfers. Sometime the crash can happen when I start a career with a...
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 2006

    Okay, Let's open the 2006 version of the Concacaf Thread. Let's not hold back as we go into next years game!
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    2005 kit coverter to 2006????

    Is it possible to make some sort of converter that makes 2005 kits to 2006 format? It seems that the basic shapes of each part is the same as 2005, but just stretched differently. If that's the case, then it's just a matter of changing positions around and restretching things. Can anybody...
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    Patch Problem - Multilanguage Fifa 2005 - Help!

    Hey everybody, I'm just trying to figure out a problem I'm having with a patch I made, the international super patch. Well, the problem only happens to people who have the Multilanguage version of the game. I've had reports from 4 people who...
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    World Club Championship Patch

    Hey everybody, I'm working on a patch that will have the World Club Championship in it. It may not seem like a big deal, but It's going to have it in career mode. So if you win the Champions League, you'll be in it. Also I've created the Concacaf Champions Cup, and for right now a mini...
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    MLS update?

    Are there anybody that is interested in a MLS update? I would like to create the new teams of Real Salt Lake and Chivas USA. That would be awesome. Also with updated rosters. Anybody want to help do it? Or want to do it?
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    Concacaf Patch

    Concacaf Patch Released!!!! Patch is released!!!!!! Download at Concacaf 36 Nations Patch 1.0 - Fifa 2005 Patch Features: Adds the 36 top Concacaf Teams! Adds Concacaf World Cup Qualifying Tournament! 2gk Kits for almost all Concacaf teams...
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    Netherlands Version 3.0 Ready! USA Update, Canada Update

    Netherlands Patch 3.0 - Fifa 2005 Canada Patch 2.0 - Fifa 2005 U.S.A Patch 1.0 - Fifa 2005 3 Teams in 1 Patch All that is in version 1.0 and 2.0. Improved construction with fifaFS! In my testing it didn't crash in Create a Tournament mode. Updated roster for Netherlands. Improved...
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    Problem crashing when two created teams play one another.

    Well, I hope somebody out there knows the answer to this problem. I've converted my fifa 2004 Concacaf patch to fifa 2005. Everything is fine. But I have a problem when I have two created teams play each other. The game crashes when I go to the side select menu after I select each team...
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    Team Creation Tutorial!

    Team Creation Tutorial Forget waiting for Creaton Center! You can do everything now! Team Creation Tutorial - Fifa 2005 Everything you need to know to create a team!!! How to create players! How to create banners! How to create teams! How to create menu and transitional logos! How to...