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    Noob trying to install kits

    Can anyone help me out installing new kits in PES 5 using Kitserver 5.2.3. The problem is I don't have the map.txt file in the folder (GDB/uni), so I made my own using the command lines found in the manual help(docs folder) but nothing happened, so I decided that I'll manually place a kitserver...
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    Converting .sti files and FIFA 2005 stadiums?

    Is it possible to convert .sti files so the stadiums would be playable in 05? I remembered fifaecp announce the making of a stadium converter that would allow you to convert stadiums from FIFA 2004 to FIFA 2005 even though it sound like the early stages of development and it wasn’t official as...
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    just wanted to know if u guys could of help me with some kit making techniues? 1.Why is there so many shirt sleeves in the kittemplate i don't really understand the perpose of all the sleeves in the kittemplate and how do it affect the kit if u don't modify them(how would it look in the game)...
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    Coca Cola League Fonts

    Do anyone know how I can get the Coca Cola league 1 and 2 Number fonts also used by the teams in the English League Championship ?
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    Stadium and Kit editor

    I wanted to know if there is a stadium and kit editor
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    Anything for Chester City

    Can anyone give me any kits or flags for Chester City
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    How can i get the ball to spin when taking a free kick

    i can't manage to get the ball to move on the lower corner of the screen when i'm about to take a free kick. I know it moves because i did it once but never got it back (press wrong key by mistake) please help!!!!!:kader: