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    chinese authentic nike shoes

    Are those products genuine
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    Theend Converted Fifa Hq Kits

    how does the_end convert the kits from FIFA to PES?
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    Question about boot packs

    If you have any of the kitservers that is compatable for bootserver all you'll have to do is place the boot(the png file) in the GDB folder and type the player number and name(the png file) in the text file which you find in the boots folder. To get a better understanding...
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    New Kits 2007/2008

    all I've seen in the new Barca kit is the changing of the position for the logo, why don't they just use the previous kit.
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    Dap019 Faces at

    Good faces.:clapwap:
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    Anyone made any celebrities faces?

    Good faces, can u make a Tupac?
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    Theend Converted Fifa Hq Kits
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    Birmingham City Retro/Legends Creation (Kits/Faces)

    where can I get a kit template from
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    any full-packed patch of Stadiums for pes6?

    try, I don't think there's a full-packed patch, but there's alot of stadiums you can download for your PES 6 there.
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    my pes5 stopped, help me pleaseee

    You can try a re-installation, maybe some files is corrupted or possibly there's a software conflict or it's just corrupted. I don't think your system specs has a part to play in this problem since I currently have the two games installed right now and has the same CPU, Graphics Card and...
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    "Weird Al" Yankovic

    Found "Like a surgeon" a good one too.
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    awayKits giving error!

    hmm.... which version kitserver are you using and did this problem ever occured before?
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    Latest PES6 Video!!!

    So you are blaming the "noobs" (not nubs) for having poor graphics in PES 6, that in my view (if you are saying that) is stupid blame Konami since they don't really care about the user's graphics card, if they did the game would of been much improved and not only the graphical area. Besides...
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    Weird experience....

    Yeah man, there's a bunch of them all over the place. I know a strange looking one who lives on my street who looks like he's into those stuff, however innocent until proven guilty is the plead for him. The reason why I notice that, is every time I meet him in the road or something he behaves...
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    Wonmi_[International face]>>>>> DOWNLODE

    Sweet I really like the Marvin Andrews, really good job :ewan:
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    Weird experience....

    Jonathon Davis of the rock band KoRn, I believe has his car (John Gacy Jr)in his garage.
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    Weird experience....

    WHOA !! thats one strange situation I was watching a program name Dateline on MSNBC where they catch Sexual Predators who prey on children they met on the Internet. It's surprising how easily they are caught and lured in the trap (they are not to far from the children they are luring mentally)...
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    Stadiums I Made

    I once made a stadium using MS Paint a while ago on my cousin's computer, it didn't comeout like that but the pics reminded me of it. Back then when i made it the OS was OS was 95:). BTW I think he used Google Sketch up to make those stads however good work.
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    Inserting face.

    Horrible guide I agree with you, kitserver's guide was really poor, it didn't tell you how to do the basics e.g installing kits and other stuff properly also they didn't provide the folders and the accurate files so that the modded stuff would be recognised in the game.