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Search results

  1. gotsynho

    patzor's Boots

    these mercurials look so good bro
  2. gotsynho

    New Faces Converted [tokke001]

  3. gotsynho

    FIFA 16 Origin key!

    will the Fitgirl version work? I have now decided on the installation
  4. gotsynho

    RD86 BOOTS for FIFA14

  5. gotsynho

    RD86 BOOTS for FIFA14

    u need a ready-made rx3-file with the required texture size (if you have a 1024x1024 color texture, then look for any rx3-file with the same size). after you need to convert with the rx3 master, but for some reason it doesn’t work for me(
  6. gotsynho

    RD86 BOOTS for FIFA14

    Bro, what about these? can you make them please?)
  7. gotsynho

    German Mega Patch

    good patch mate, but where is link?
  8. gotsynho

    Ukrainian Premier League 2014-15

    Probably some corrupted files