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    Strange bug

    yea same thing happeend 2 me today i was arsenal had 2 play man u 3 times in a row very annoying
  2. I

    Most Underrated (or Overrated) Team?

    Senegal>USA sorry but its true
  3. I

    If EA spend one more year on FIFA

    if madden team can produce such a good game wit only 1 year 2 work on it no reason fifa cant
  4. I

    Weather in fifa 2004?? is it there??

    we didnt find out weather wouldnt be in it ages ago geeze
  5. I

    why the heck training mode

    i totally agree wit u they should do it like madden did
  6. I

    What are you're favorite teams in FIFA 2004?

    ITALY :) or juventus
  7. I

    Career Mode - Do you get job offers?

    i got 5 star prestige thingy in my 2nd year and i havent got a job offer
  8. I

    Woohoo just scored a wonder goal! :D

    nice goal
  9. I

    Does this game sux or what ?!?!

    after a week of fifa i went bak 2 playing madden
  10. I


    ya they did
  11. I

    CPU defense = INVINCIBLE!!!!

    Defence is harder i dun think it is as hard as u make it out 2 be i play on pro i usually score 1-2 a game
  12. I

    online i have been cheated

    is online free?
  13. I

    Prestige points

    buying 10 players jus look at chelsea
  14. I

    My view on the Full game

    the only cups/tournaments u cna play in r the league cups i.e. the fa cup there is no international tournaments n stuff which is gay
  15. I

    Both PES3 and FIFA04 are good!!

  16. I

    New signings

    juventus-ronaldinho and totti
  17. I

    PC Version - Bugged

    yea its so gay im juventus and i got roma and lazio in same group but this has always happened but still so annoying
  18. I

    Too much sh!t talk going on...

    well i reckn is good if my opionion counts 4 anything
  19. I

    Too much sh!t talk going on...

    jus buy it then if u dont like it take it bak !?!?!?!?!!?
  20. I

    Q: A.I. attacking in the final game???

    so far 4 me they have only been attack through middle