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Search results

  1. V

    Perry's Faces

    Great tattoo's!
  2. V

    LTH's Faces

    omg that costa. sweet.
  3. V

    LTH's Faces

    Excellent Benatia, sweet pack cheers
  4. V

    ajnapivo89's Faces

    Also looking forward to tiexeira :D
  5. V

    Kasabian's Faces

    Great Kono :) and thanks heaps for the Zarate
  6. V

    Kasabian's Faces

    Nice Zarate :)
  7. V

    Tsunami's Faces

    Looking forward to that Zarate.
  8. V

    FV.Bart's Faces

    Awesome work!
  9. V

    Fluff's Faces

    :) great faces
  10. V

    FV.Bart's faces

    excellent solanke and baker :)
  11. V

    simo4u faces

    Okay, those faces are of staggering quality. Bravo.
  12. V

    Face(s) Request Thread

    I would like to request Mauro Zarate.
  13. V

    krisaju95's Faces

    just awesome. top work!
  14. V

    krisaju95's Faces

    Great Zouma and Pato!
  15. V

    Regularcat's FIFA 15 AI

    Looking forward to it RC!
  16. V

    KrisDzung276's faces

    nice :)
  17. V

    krisaju95's Faces

    excellent hazard!
  18. V

    FV.Bart's faces

    Chalobah, nice!
  19. V

    aNuk3's Faces

    +1 Had a go at this one myself as I saw nobody making it. Failed.
  20. V

    Blender Export To FIFA 15 Issue

    Hi Guys, Been stuck with this issue past few days. Had a go making a face in blender and exported it successfully. Importing into CM15 it looks fine, but when I load up Fifa the players face seems to distort freely with bits spiking out everywhere. Also there is a black coating over the skin...