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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    Hey bro. My version is v1.1.0.0. When i run the Tool_Updater.exe and install it, it still says v1.1.0.0 when i open the tool. Seems like the Tool_Updater.exe dont work for me.
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    FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - UK MOD

    Im really waiting for a good world cup mod, maybe this will be the one? It's really bad that PC gamers dont get a offical world cup game
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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    Ok, so i did a new clean windows 8.1 x64 install and FIFA 14 install today. After updating all 8 updates, i cant see the winter transfer option in the fifamania tool anymore? Is it a bug or have you remove it from the tool? Before re-installing win and fifa, i had a winter transfer option in...
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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    Thanks for the latest update. This patch is really great. Keep up the great work!
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    FIFA 14 After 1.4 Patch & My Thoughts & FIFA 15 Wishlist

    Next gen graphics. Its very bad that FIFA games dont evolve when it comes to graphics, i mean, its a fotboll game, not a major FPS game. DX11 or DX12 support would be awesome. With ultra setting option. When it comes to graphic i would love small things like bengals, more flags and stuff...
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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    Thanks for the update. How do i play champions league with this patch? Im playing tournament mode.
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    Sepakbola/Matt10's Slider Thread

    What settings are you using for this? I mean sliders, i think.
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    World Cup Game NOT COMING TO PC

    Im not suprised at all. But with the awesome and hardworking modders on this forum, i bet it will come a very good world cup 2014 patch.
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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    Thanks for this awesome patch and your hard work!
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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    You can choose what database you want with the fifamania superpatch 14 tool. Superpatch 14 and Fifa 14 original. "This is the original database. Use this if you want to play online without some SP14 features"
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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    Thanks. Really cool thing with the fifamania superpatch 14 tool. Keep up the good work bro.
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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    Thanks for the answer. So it's ok if i add a cl.ini file and then regenerate?
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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    Installed the patch without any problem at all. Everythings works great. Playing with Juventus now, and it looks really good in 1920x1080. Awesome patch Fifamania crew. Are you using any gameplay mod, or is it FIFA 14 original gameplay? Can we add other gameplay mods?
  14. F

    ZiPouet AI

    Thanks. Will try it now. Keep up the great work.
  15. F

    ZiPouet AI

    Your gameplay is very nice, but i feel its a bit to, dont know how to put it. To much automatic stuff in some kind of way. Fidel's feel more open and free. But your gameplay is still very good. Im gonna continue playing with it, since ive started a new season with Chelsea. I think with people...
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    [MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    This sounds amazing! Will try it ASAP! Thanks bro.
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    [MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    1) Install the gameplay 2) Regenerate 3) Play
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    2014 FWC Playoffs Patch

    That is awesome bro.