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    any way to assign textures to the faces themselves using generic textures?

    Hi From the data base may be possible to identify players who are allocated the face and hair generic textures and assign an ID to own for those textures anyone has any progress on this issue? examples of generic face is, pedro and busquets, and maybe maxwell in FC Barcelona for example
  2. L

    LMX FC Barcelona Faces

    Dani Alves, no good but for the moment..
  3. L

    LMX FC Barcelona Faces

    yes, but those images of Puyol and pique are a bit old, this they are more current thanks for you comments
  4. L

    LMX FC Barcelona Faces

    Thanks guys As you see in the pictures, I'm also working on kits HD 2048px and others HD textures in stadiums
  5. L

    Hexediting the kits

    good work friend where I can locate the files to edit? thanks
  6. L

    LMX FC Barcelona Faces

    Works in progress David Villa original Piqué http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/4839/fifa2010102023282280.jpg http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/5736/fifa2010101318230692.jpg http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/1488/fifa2010101318241553900.jpg original...
  7. L

    [FIFA 11]Kit and brand list

    thanks, good work, to question, has found the names and dorsals? no I find the texture names
  8. L

    Replay EA animation

    not helping to create the animation with transparency, using texture editor, if someone succeeds we succeed in creating good animations I really think this transparency if worked, but there is a black background under load, although I'm not sure about it test...
  9. L

    Farkam Faces Fifa 11

    good work
  10. L

    Just for Fun by TeneCee

    good start:)
  11. L

    Fifa 11 textures editor released

    Thanks for the new :)
  12. L


    Nice :) anyone know why I can not open a new thread? for my kits