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Search results

  1. D

    Facemakers Archive *NO REQUESTS*

    ty for the lovely Victor Moses Face
  2. D

    Dracs Graphics

    A league generic
  3. D

    Blue Sq. Project

    soz bout my repugnent behavior scout. do you have any stadia?? i can make if you want
  4. D

    FIFA Baltic's "RTWC 2010 South Africa Patch for FIFA 09" Thread

    what stadia do you need?? i cant convert and is 3ds format ok
  5. D

    MLS Patches Thread

    if you want you can use my adboards for mls http://soccergaming.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2643979&postcount=90
  6. D

    Filefront closes at 30th march

    Exact words from filefront
  7. D

    Dracs Graphics

  8. D

    FIFA Baltic's "RTWC 2010 South Africa Patch for FIFA 09" Thread

    robbie have you got the new england kit (home) and irelands new kit (away)
  9. D

    Dracs Graphics

    feedback please
  10. D

    Rugby 08 Editing Thread

    look if your doing lansdowne road which version: new - aviva stadium or old
  11. D

    Dracs Graphics

    SK Slavia Prague
  12. D

    Dracs Graphics

    can somebody give me an idea for another adboard please
  13. D

    Dracs Graphics

    MLS Generic
  14. D

    Testing sigs

    @nady Im 13
  15. D

    Dracs Graphics

    Feedback please
  16. D

    Dracs Graphics

    Inter soz about last board my italian isnt too good
  17. D

    FIFA Baltic's "RTWC 2010 South Africa Patch for FIFA 09" Thread

    Hows it goin robbie are you still using my adboard or do you want a new version??
  18. D

    Adboards Thread Fifa09 - Elendil030

    please post your template
  19. D

    Dracs Graphics

    Inter is next graphics to come
  20. D

    Testing sigs

    Arsenal Aston Villa