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    Overlay Emporium - Theory and Practice of Scoreboards, Pop-ups and Wipes

    I must be doing something wrong, I tried that and still IDs don't appear.
  2. D

    Scoreboard SwitchR

    Does the scoreboard have to be added to the fifa 16 directory or can you add the zip file from anywhere on your computer?
  3. D

    Overlay Emporium - Theory and Practice of Scoreboards, Pop-ups and Wipes

    Tried that, still didn't work. I have FIP loaded for this game, does that make a difference. I also don't have any stadiums in the stadium folder. All I want is the tv logo, scoreboard, movie to work...
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    Overlay Emporium - Theory and Practice of Scoreboards, Pop-ups and Wipes

    When I try to load this, none of the id's etc load up this is all I see:
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    EURO 2024 & COPA AMERICA 2024

    Do you happen to have the ID's for each of the stadiums?
  6. D

    Flags - NT flags don't show in-game

    I may have asked this before, but I'm wondering if someone can help. When I create some new NT in creation master and create flags for the NT in CM, how come the flags don't show up in-game? All that shows is the team banners.
  7. D


    How come Premier League flags don't show up in the game? Also when you create new national teams and add flags they don't show up in the game. How can you change this/edit this? Only the banners. Created using CM16
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    New League Career Mode Error

    No it crashes before I even get to the option of saving the career.
  9. D

    New League Career Mode Error

    actually now none of my other careers are working either...they all crash...
  10. D

    New League Career Mode Error

    Hey, thanks, I started again, I followed that tutorial and again the game works in tournament mode, this time I kept the game ID at 3. The game worked fine in tournament mode, but this time it got to 3 qtrs of the load screen on career mode and then crashed. What might I be doing wrong?
  11. D

    New League Career Mode Error

    I created a new playable league in CM 16. The League works well in tournament mode. I changed the id with the Atricity League which was 65. In tournament mode I can play the entire league, however when I try play in career mode it gets to the Loading screen but doesn't go past 3qtrs loading...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.2 (23/24 Edition)

    Okay, so I uploaded a new graphic to pitch graphics for my WC tourney, and played in generic stadiums. Still showed up with original world cup graphic (black), then changed to licensed stadium and same thing...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.2 (23/24 Edition)

    Yes, I put that in, so based on your other post, it only works in the generic stadiums and not the licensed ones? What about if I add a new stadium? Will it show up in those?
  14. D

    Change Pitch Graphics in Tournament with CM 16 - Doesn't Change!

    Hi, Can anyone tell me why when I import a new image into a tournament under pitch graphics in CM 16. Does it still show up with the original? How can I make it so it appears in the game? I replaced this with a different one, but this black one still shows up in the game. Where can I find this...
  15. D

    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.2 (23/24 Edition)

    How do you get these to appear in the game. I tried to replace the orignal word cup graphic with a different one, and it still shows up with the original pitch graphics logo?