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  1. Death GOD 7

    FIFA 14 Full Body Preview [SE7EN]

    I meant the PSD file not “model”. And the title is “FIFA 14 Kit Preview”, not “FIFA 14 Kit Model” - SE7EN
  2. Death GOD 7

    FIFA 14 Full Body Preview [SE7EN]

    I love creating FIFA 14 Mod, so I created FIFA 14 Full Body Previewer. I hope you will enjoy it. This Kit Previewer is released FREE "without any charges". But that doesn't mean you can share it without my permission. If you want to credit me, you can link my social media(s) links when you...
  3. Death GOD 7

    Arethiel's Free Kits

    Ohhooo, rainbow captain armband.... :flog:(marco)
  4. Death GOD 7

    [FRM14] FIFA Revival Mod 14

    MOD Progress Update Dec 30, 2020 [0.1.0 alpha] - TBD • PL Kits /w Sleeve Sponsors and Badge - [DONE] • Custom Cup Kit Font and Kit Numbers - [In Progress] • PL Clubs Adboards, Flag and Banner - [DONE] [0.1.1 alpha] - TBD • PL Club Players Face - [Not DONE](Only Chelsea Players Done) • Fix issues...
  5. Death GOD 7

    [FRM14] FIFA Revival Mod 14

    We can play a friendly or custom tournament/league from the "Tournaments" tab? Please join the discord server : https://discord.io/SE7EN or find me in discord : Death GOD 7#2255
  6. Death GOD 7

    [FRM14] FIFA Revival Mod 14

    That's good, custom league but can you edit DB from DB Master 15 and make the teams playable in career or like the custom tournament/league from the "Tournaments" tab? Regards, [SE7EN] Death GOD 7
  7. Death GOD 7

    [FRM14] FIFA Revival Mod 14

    Happy to stay at FIFA 14. Yeah, its sad to hear that Harry is retiring. Hope that he will stay in touch and teach me things(there is lot to learn...). Thank you mate. The DB I'm using is based on F21 so it will be a lot of help to get IDs fast. Thanks Again....love ya mate. Yeah, we love FIFA...
  8. Death GOD 7

    [FRM14] FIFA Revival Mod 14

    Hello everyone, we are planning to make an AIO patch where kits will be updated to 20/21 version with sleeves badges included(UCL/UEL kit might be included in this mod), faces will be converted from FIFA 21(except the players who don't have real face in FIFA 21), balls and boots will be...
  9. Death GOD 7

    Photoshop CC Minikit Generator

    Can you add Fifa 14 texture support(sleeves)?
  10. Death GOD 7

    Blender Kit Preview by FIFA Bosnia

    that tool would be great. :ball:
  11. Death GOD 7

    Finding Imperfection

    Finding Imperfection
  12. Death GOD 7

    FIFA 14 3D Importer/Exporter

    any tutorials to export to 3dball model (.rx3) files?