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    FIFA 11 Demo PC Download Links

    thanks fascue very good d/speed lets play fifa
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    Mogolos & greeksuperpatch kits thread

    super bravo moggolos-i hope we will have the greek super patch and to the amazing fifa11 with the community programs you are a kit machine :D
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    News about FIFA11

    amazing gameplay and graphics ....... fifa is back to the throne :33vff3o:
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    Fifa 10, Classic Patch return.....

    great patch gigi very nice work.
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    greeksuperpatch.com mods

    great guys thanks for the effort cheers!
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    unlimited fifa.fat?

    it works guys,my fifa fat is at 307 kb and it plays with out problems,i have imported a lot of leagues and stadiums and keep importing.. :)
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    greeksuperpatch.com mods

    mogolos nice job in all the divisions ,do we know something about the v 2.0 final because the beta crashes at the begining of the 2 season (and with uninstall and new install ) and i have come back to the 1.0 version that does not have problem.
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    ac12's gameplay

    hey ac12 your gameplay is the best what about version 2.0 have y finhshed it?
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    FIFA 10 MDV Realistic Gameplay

    great gameplay mdvrus, i like it its a lot challenging and realistic,keep up te good work!
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    Referee's Kits & Faces?

    refferee kits here: http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=160678&page=5
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    Commentary patches!

    is there a patch or a way to edit so we can had the english language always on the menu and change beetween the commentarys,it will be very useful.by the way the russian comentary its very good it has all the names of the rpl even the substitutes and the reserves.
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    Italian Retro Patch 89/90

    stylus i have made the minikits of aek f.c 89-90 for the champions league teams hope you like it (im not a minikits maker) http://img141.imageshack.us/my.php?image=aek8990minihome.png http://img141.imageshack.us/my.php?image=aek8990miniaway.png
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    Italian Retro Patch 89/90

    hey stylus fabulous idea have you made this gk kit http://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/Match-Worn-Shirts-European-&-Other-World-Clubs/c26_261/p3649/1990-91-Roma-Player-GK-Shirt-1-Cervone/product_info.html
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    Onsche's Advanced Gameplay V1.0

    onsche,great gameplay the most simillar to real football,keep up the good work!
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    RayGun's All-In-One Roster & Tactical Realism Patch

    the formations are great and much more realistic,the box is more overloaded with players like the real game,and many things are better like any team has an unique ans different play style and positioning ,its a great effort i tryed it with the ac12 gameplay and i have a lot more challenging...
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    ac12's gameplay 09

    this is much more realistic from the default gameplay,indeed its not easy to score like the default,i enjoyed this gameplay patch,its more challenging,keep up the good work!
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    Serie A 2008/2009 kits

    great kits man,congratulations!forward to lazio and the others teams of serie A
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    Molokodrinker kits

    great kits moloko,continue your perfect releases!
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    07 Kits by Bobscratchit

    bravo bob keep up the good work cheers!
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    mrromaniac's kits

    mrromaniac what about a cfr cluj kits?give it a try!