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Search results

  1. B

    sorincocor19's Stadiums

    It doesn't looks bad, but there is a lot to work. Many elements are floating in the air, the "Timisoara" text is missing from the chairs, and what are those "pieces" on the pitch? Place the crowd and then we're speaking. ;)
  2. B

    WinCool's Kits

    The Bimbo and Total logos are low-quality. Anything else seems OK to me. ;)
  3. B

    body_mu's Studio

    Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ Home Away GK
  4. B

    Devil's Kits

    Oh, awesome work! Your kits are just... perfect! Congratulations!
  5. B

    *aLe's Editing Shack 2.0

    I can't see big diferences, but anyway, great job!
  6. B

    Stark Industries

    Awesome kits! Keep it up! ;)
  7. B

    The Crew Kits

    Superb Juventus ones! What about the invincible Arsenal 03/04? :D
  8. B

    Fantasy Kits by TonyKroos

    You have much to improve. I don't see any stitch on your last kits, they lack of quality.
  9. B

    *aLe's Editing Shack 2.0

    Absolutely stunning kits! Good luck!
  10. B

    darius995's Splashes

    It looks good, but I have some remarks: 1. Don't resize the FPRL logo, hold down "Shift" when resizing to keep its normal proportions 2. Same story to the Petrolul logo from the blue-yellow lines, it's distorted. 3. The Steaua logo from the left side of the image, flip it to read the text...
  11. B

    BADpacman's Kits

    +1 Anyway, good work. ;)
  12. B

    Masterj Kits

    Nice kits, but some elements like the Chinese letters are low-quality. And my advice is to use some "effects" on the stitches (eg. Bevel and Emboss).
  13. B

    darius995's Splashes

    Beautiful work! Don't you make splashes for Romanian teams, also? :D
  14. B

    Stark Industries

    Simply amazing! Everything seems perfect to me. Nice job!
  15. B

    Kits by Xandr92Prog

    Really great job! Kepp it up!
  16. B

    body_mu's Studio

    CFR Cluj Home Away GK Third Only in FPRL 14!
  17. B

    Norwegian Kits by Berner

    Nice work! But I think the colours you used on the kits are too "hot". Try to make them more natural.
  18. B

    ManUtdFan20's Kit Workshop

    Perfect kits, as always. Great job!
  19. B

    Workshop by Éder Dias BR

    Nice kits! Potuguesa looks awesome to me. ;)
  20. B

    Fantasy Kits by TonyKroos

    Many elements from the kits are extremely pixelated. I can't say your kits are good, you have lot to learn. :) Good luck!