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    FIFA 10 on PS3,XBOX360.which is better?

    it's belong to ea so for surely it's better on xbox360 :biggrinx:
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    Countdown: XP moving to limited support

    hi newbie original! currently i am using windows xp and i would like to know whether i can have Ubuntu too (so that i can have both os)? if can so kindly tell me how? in your opinion which one is better between Ubuntu, XUbuntu, Linux Mint or Fedora? which one is the most you would like to...
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    FIFA10 PC = NG Leaked?

    i guess fifa10 will come with downloadable kits feature...
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    FIFA09 patch for Xbox 360. Why Not?

    snoppf1 can you show to us what are the files that have been modified by you for xbox 360? i would really love to see some screenshots too :)
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    FIFA 09 ScareCrow?!!

    please use the original player model. you can get them from your fifa09 cd/ dvd.
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    How would one put a kit/mod on PS3?

    right now ps3 users can install their game into their consoles and soon xbox 360 users can also install their game into their consoles. ( link ) can't wait! :D
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    FIFA 08 for XBOX 360 or PS3? Which one is better? Help me.

    hope that this video can help you. yCpT3IX4quk both fifa08 and euro2008 looks really better on xbox 360. i don't know why but in most fifa09 beta/ preview pictures, they're playing it on ps3. maybe fifa09 will be better on ps3?
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    Amazing Found: FIRST 09 PC INGAME FOOTAGE!!!

    hey looks like we're still having both referee and linesmen in our training/ practice mode! :bouncy:
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    FIFA 09 Event Munich @ F4F

    anyone knows which samsung is this?
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    FIFA 08 "UEFA Champions League" Interactive Sim

    ok then... me as ac milan? :innocent_smile_1:
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    FIFA 09 Event Munich @ F4F

    they're using ps3s rather than 360s at the event. is that mean ps3 will be the best for fifa09? maybe they have fixed the frame rate issue on ps3?
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    Reality Classic shorts Patch

    i think that players' thigh should be bigger than their shin then...
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    Official FIFA09 website launched!

    i think that ea still have enough time to improve the crowd and stadiums for the pc version.
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    Pistol's Font Basket

    thanks i have just been looking for this madrid's font
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    First Hands-on preview Fifa 09

    wow those ps3 kits are really in high quality but the grass seems funny though
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    UEFA EURO 2008™ PC Screenshots . . .

    that's never close to next gen at all :willis:
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    First Hands-on preview Fifa 09

    looks really better now for on the pitch especially the boot's stud is in the grass (Y) 1+ rep for Ultra_Blue for those nice pictures then!
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    Netherlands Hope Facepack

    thanks for this facepack! really appreciate it as now i can play with another not-fake-team (Y)
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    MonkeyDragon must Come back again

    i hope that MonkeyDragon will be back here soon because he's a LEGEND! hope that we can see something new like Outsider87 told before especially when we've know fifa09 will still be the current gen :)