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    Chelsea strategy for online league

    Bosingwa - Ramirez u can switch them by malouda and kalou but ramirez and bosingwa have a balance work rate, if u used malouda and kalou u should mod formation forcing them to got down when u re defending. Bosingwa & Ramirez re not playmaker, but bosingwa re no to bad in crossing, how u can see...
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    Chelsea strategy for online league

    Chelsea is Great. This is how i play with then in head to head Matchs 1) i prefer mata as wing man, he can support or assist to drogba or lampard. torres is usefull in counter attack. If u re pretty good u can be a team more ofensive without loss the ball possesion. Custom Formation. 3-4-3...
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    2011 FIFA Balon d'Or Awards - Messi + 22 others (some questionable

    Messi is the Winner!!!! ah Opss. the award has not started yet, XD
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    Idea: An unofficial FIFA 12 manual/tactics guide by members of soccergaming forums

    if u re using a keyboard press 4,8,6,2 located in the numpad or bloq num. look in u controller setting and try to figure out by yourself. about the defending system... for me is better the Tactical defending, is more fun and dynamic. all u need is patince and dont rush, also call teammate is...
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    Hidden Skill moves in fifa 12 demo

    Trick Pass or Flair Pass http://youtu.be/En00MlOTewo I dont made the Tutorial, i just post or share the link.
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    Hidden Skill moves in fifa 12 demo

    this is no the right post for that, but all u need is check the database. look in the Fidel post, u will find a Unlock database and open it using the DB master 11. And i think the PID are the same in FIFA 11 So u can easily Check that Using the CM 11 or DB master 11.
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    FIFA 12 Demo (Structure Research)

    high quality DLC? no For some Awesome reason we have this Forum :D
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    Hidden Skill moves in fifa 12 demo

    Hjerpseth show all the new skill move ;) Thanks Sahib for post the link...
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    check this out mates

    Good Copilation, but bad music :( Agree with u. the new defend system is more fun and dynamic.
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    Hidden Skill moves in fifa 12 demo

    ok Try this one. 5 Star Holding LT - RS Flick Down then Flick Left Or Rigth*. ;) *varies depending on the angle of the camera, This trick is practice arena mode.
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    Copa América 2011

    Yes i agreed with u, but the last two match against Brazil and Venezuela, Was Totally different because they do a ugly defence, and just save by the Lucky moment and the Good GK. So Paraguay just wait their Rivals overpower the defence and Plam Right in Post.
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    Copa América 2011

    in sadly way Venezuela don't reached to the final match... because the deserved but don't get it =(. I surely Venezuela is the second team with a best performance of the Copa America. Or Maybe the third just because they arent in the final match just that
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    Copa América 2011

    u re overreacting. i dont hope Venezuela or Peru get into the final match. but Copa America will not spoil if it happens.
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    Copa América 2011

    Yes, Venezuela in Semi....This Copa america is Totally unexpected. I like that =]
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    Copa América 2011

    Yes, but Venezuela still played very well and I can say that Venezuela deserved a Epic draw.
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    Classic Teams

    England and can u add a George Best to the team?
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    emmansteady's miniballs

    the shadow effect look like a bad cut,nice work still .... =)
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    Copa América 2011

    First draw between Venezuela and Brazil in Copa America history.... LOL I am from Venezuela and im celebrated this match like a Epic Victory =D.
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    Women's World Cup 2011

    Just Put a nice lipstick, and bang u make a Trasx.... =D
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    [Fifa 11] Sirlewis's Videos Thread

    MNnn nice one because u make a video montage. anyway no is a big deal. but u re better of me because i dint a video. that is all