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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    Hello Outsider 87, after 3 years i'm passing again trough this forum, it's amazing to see how things are still going in FIFA editing, hope to be back one day, everything has changed so fast, I'm amazaed. Glad to know that some of those that were active since FIFA 2005, are still keeping the good...
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    Hello everyone,its been a long time I haven't posted anything, well I'm having the same issue but with keyboard, any news about keyboard fix?
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    Gam crashes after 5 seconds in main screen

    Hi everyone, I have just installed CM 11 6.1 and also the winter patch cmp, and for some reason when I start the game and you are going to the main screen when you are in the training camp with your player it crash after 5 seconds, and when I press ESC. without being much time in the training...
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    Ronaldo set to Retire

    The best striker of all times, Nightmare for any goalkeeper, unstoppable to any defense, the Phenomenom, thanks, and thanks and thanks for giving more reason to all of us to love this sport. Thank You Ronaldo!
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    Pede 54's kit thread IV.....The Final Conflict

    Hi Pede, man I don´t have words to say how amazing, outstanding, is the job that you are doing, and its good to see how people like you no matter what or how are the changes , you keep making better what you like to do and what you prefer, making others to see how you give value to your job...
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    Puliciclone's FIFA10 Stadiums

    Take care Puli! excellent work!
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    Spuk's Workshop

    Excellent kits bro, I really like them, keep the good job =)
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    Richardo93 works 09/10

    Take Care bro =)
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    Oddments Graphic

    I know that this is the stuppidest question I have ever asked in this forum. How do I install it? jajajajajajaja!
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    complete european patch :)

    The problem with qualifiers apart of the actual tournament, is that i don´t know how to make these qualifiers tournaments to add to the actual tournaments the winners of each round, what happend is that it apply them towards to the next season, and not in the actual one. My Champions League...
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    Jote's kitland

    Congratulations, excellent job!
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    Calvarez New Kits Center

    OMG excellent Panamanian kits, wooouuu its my country =) lovely, thank you so much bro!
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    It was a corner kick before the goal, which referee didn't conceed to the Nederland team, and after that error the goal appeared, but i'm not going to use that as an excuse!
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    Congratulations to Spain, they diserve it, i'm a Brazil and Nederlands fan, but Nederlands didn't play like how i expected them to play, they concentrate in stealing the ball without keeping in mind the consecuences of their challenges, Robben had it twice but Iker was there, Iniesta very...
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    _wolff_ Kit Workings

    Lovely kit bro =) nice and neet
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    FIFABas' kitshop

    I really like your kits man, congratulations!!!!
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    World Cup 2010 Stadiums Full Pack

    It crashes when i select it , the first time it worked, now that I imported it again it doesn´t work, and i have a good system and 1gb of video card. Need some help on this one I still can´t understand why
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    World Cup 2010 Stadiums Full Pack

    Outsider, good patch but Durban doesn´t work!
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    Des Kaisers neue Kleider - Kits made in Germany

    Those kits, are extremely good!
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    thread de kits por tázmany

    Great kits bro, congratulations =)