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    Arsenal F.C. Thread [2010-11]

    Yes Flamini was a workhorse during his time at Arsenal. If Cesc is set on leaving you guys should sell him so he can go be Xavi's or Iniesta's sub. then he will regret the move like Hleb did and that will be a lesson for everyone involved.
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    Arsenal F.C. Thread [2010-11]

    so there's no chance of Cesc playing any of the offensive midfielder positions since Xavi and Iniesta are relatively young, well Xavi isn't that old yet. If I was him I wouldn't switch clubs just yet. Unless he wants to play defensive midfield, which I doubt.
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    Arsenal F.C. Thread [2010-11]

    I'm just going to say this, I read an interview were Pep said he would play Cesc as a defensive mid.... if I was Cesc I would think long and hard if I'm going to be playing first team football, and in the right position at Barca. how old is Xavi? I think he's older than Iniesta in any case.
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    Henry's Life

    Titi had a great career and is an idol to us.
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    Arsenal F.C. Thread [2010-11]

    So what's the deal with Fabregas? are you guys a selling club? last year without him you struggled, without him the whole season will be complicated. it's like you don't want to win anything anymore.
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    I think Spain will win, I hope it's an entertaining match and not a borefest.
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    WC Matchday 7: [AGR x KOR] + [GRE x NGA] + [FRA x MEX]

    Domenech is the worse person in french football ever, but what this players are doing is not right either, a part of me backs them up because I know Domenech should've been sacked after the Euro '08, to behave like this at the world cup shows that they are hypocrites. they should've done this...
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    WC Matchday 7: [AGR x KOR] + [GRE x NGA] + [FRA x MEX]

    Evra said it wasn't Anelka's fault, or Domenech's fault, but somebody in the team (player or staff) who rat them out to the press because what Anelka said was locker room talk (so it should've stayed in the locker room) that's the traitor talk.
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    WC Matchday 7: [AGR x KOR] + [GRE x NGA] + [FRA x MEX]

    he said "**** you son of a bitch" hahaha something that is on our minds since the previous world cup, Anelka is my idol hahahahaha.
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    WC Matchday 7: [AGR x KOR] + [GRE x NGA] + [FRA x MEX]

    dude please, go look it up and then think what you will, but first you gotta go look it up, who used to take penalties like that
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    WC Matchday 7: [AGR x KOR] + [GRE x NGA] + [FRA x MEX]

    then you know nothing about football, a historic player used to take penalties like that, look it up, I'm pretty sure you will find it, and then you'll be like OH so that's what Zidane was imitating at the world cup final in 06....
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    WC Matchday 7: [AGR x KOR] + [GRE x NGA] + [FRA x MEX]

    I want to mention something great players being surrounded by great players. Pele had Garrincha, Rivelino and a really long list of good players. Cruyff had the van de Kerkhof brothers, Resembrink and Neeskens Kempes had an amazing Argentina Team Maradona was a monster, and then he had...
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    WC Matchday 7: [AGR x KOR] + [GRE x NGA] + [FRA x MEX]

    man you re so spiteful, did ever the maestro did something to you? anything I say will be biased towards Zidane obviously. but, that penalty at the 06 final? that was amazing don't ever think that was a lucky shot, if you think that it was, you know nothing about football. ad yes he is one...
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    WC Matchday 7: [AGR x KOR] + [GRE x NGA] + [FRA x MEX]

    I'm sad as must of my country sure is, but at the same time I'm hopeful because there won't be no more Domenech. it's really weird feeling this way.
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    FRA Vs URU

    Obviously Domenech sucks as a couch I can't say it enough, we are still suffering from the desicions of the old boys club at the fff.... we played without a real center forward, I mean give me a break Anelka is no center forward and never has been, you could see he feels way more confortable...
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    Uefa Champions League Quarter-final : Arsenal FC v FC Barcelona

    yes I want to see if Messi can win a world cup for Argentina or even a Copa America or back to back, before I can consider him at the same level of Zidane. it was sad to see Arsenal humiliated like that, but that is the price you pay when you play an under 18 team, its amazing all the young...
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    UCL Last 16: Porto x Arsenal [P+R]

    as I said on the team thread, Arsenal needs to start buying men instead of boys during the transfer season. And they seriously need to get a REAL hard tackling defensive mid, and a real striker, this team used to have people who were able to impose themselves through power, like Keown...
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    The Arsenal [2009/2010]

    It's tiring now to watch arsenal, for god knows hoe many years Arsenal has been lacking a hard tackling defensive mid, and it has been obvious for the manu, chelsky and the cl matches. can you guys start buying men instead of boys and actually buy what you need?, like real DM and a real striker?
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    WC 2010: Which teams will qualify?

    such an uproar because of this, we have dumbenech so we'll be out at the first hurdle (sadly for us).
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    WC 2010: Which teams will qualify?

    I can't believe Dumbenech spent more than 90 minutes watching the team play so stretched out, that's basic stuff, one of the things that I hate the most about him is how he doesn't realize he's missing basic football coaching stuff. about the handball, I'm pretty sure the ref traded the...