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Search results

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    FIFA10 edited by Marian T. (2015 UPDATE)

    Thanks for your work, the best modification for FIFA
  2. M

    African, Asian and Oceanian clubs kits (2010)

    well,someone have those teams in FIFA 10? please make cmp
  3. M

    New FIFA14 kits converted

    thats great,but do you have secondary ukrainian league patch? :)
  4. M

    New FIFA14 kits converted

    beautiful,thanks for Bayer 04!!!!!
  5. M

    New FIFA14 kits converted

    can you make Bayer Leverkusen?
  6. M

    My patches for FIFA 10 in CMP format.

    please reupload South africa patch,if someone have this one
  7. M

    ((((xto kits 10))))

    this is real High Quality
  8. M

    Cep 11

    can someone transfer CEP and fifamania superpatch 11 to cmp,please!!!! I have problems with instaling exe
  9. M

    stadium builder FIFA 10

    Does someone have this tool,I cant find this anywhere. Please share this by mediafire.
  10. M

    FifaMania Superpatch 10 Released!

    Hello, can someone export as a cmp Italia lega pro from this patch: http://www.fifamania.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=78&Itemid=61&lang=en maybe someone have this installed? I cannot open this in CM 10
  11. M

    261 National Teams in cmp

    Finally!! This is solution, many thanks for help champion757
  12. M

    261 National Teams in cmp

    Hi everyone, I found this amazing work,access after registration: http://www.taringa.net/posts/juegos/5672091/261-Selecciones-Nacionales-para-fifa-10-pc.html 261 national teams for FIFA 10 but I have a big problem, many teams have a strange bug-when I try play some teams game crash...
  13. M

    Convert From Older FIFAs To FIFA 13

    Hello Is possible to convert patches (Creation master patches) leagues,teams,players,kits from older versions of FIFA to FIFA 13? Is there somewhere program doing this? thanks for help
  14. M

    Patches in .cmp format

    yes i think ,do you have any problems ?
  15. M

    Patches in .cmp format

    Magidion teams Hi Id like to present my work .This 4 teams from Indian league for FIFA 08 (I still play 08 beacause i dont like 09 and it's too lrge for my comp ).Enjoy it : download link :http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mm4zgiwgcru use creation master 08 to install