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    FIFA vs PES

    Play online. For me that's the best thing about FIFA. Yes, it gets boring in single player, but online? Never...
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    New FIFA?

    Dave, there's a huge difference. PES has no AI, and FIFA on the PS3 has AI, and a very smart one. This is hard for the processor. Not everyone can afford a quad core, right?
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    manager mode problem with iso version

    Buy the game, piracy is illegal.
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    FIFA 09 to FIFA future title Wish List

    All of these wishes are fantastic, but EA will never give a f**k about them, so it's just a dream... :(
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    New FIFA?

    Ok, guys, play some FIFA 09. Then go back to 08. You WILL see the difference, trust me.
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    FifaMania Fat Controller 09 by Outsider 87

    Thanks, mate!
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    CM09 With Stadium Pack - Doesn't work??

    Ask in the CM thread, not here. There's a bigger chance Rinaldo to answer you.
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    Graphic Card Problem

    EMULATOR FOR GPU'S?? :D Lol, mate, that was good :D
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    Some questions about passing? Need help.

    Well, mate, I cant really help you for a controller, but the trigger run button makes your players run in space and want the ball. Trough ball over the top is with the trough ball button + the trigger run button. 1-2 u can make by pressing pass + trigger run, then after ur player's in space u...
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    Creation Master Standard - What is it?

    Sorry, Rinaldo, but I still dont quite get it... :(
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    CM09 - Beta Test

    Just a question, do I have to delete the old CM before i install beta 2?
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    No need to play football, just long shoot!!!

    Well, just close 'em down. I got no such problems. :P
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    Error Message

    Ok, then, if you have bought the game, I apologize. Register it trough the widgets. If that doesnt work, contact EA.
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    CM09 - Beta Test

    Rinaldo, can you please include a little more options for the turf in the final version? Like what the current grass texture is, and an option to change the... I can't remember the name... it was a to24.fsh file in past fifas, dont know if its the same now... :S
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    CM09 - Beta Test

    Rinaldo, I'm testing now, still havent found any bugs, which is cool. But I just wonder, what's that ESPN ID and Name?
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    Error Message

    Yea, thats a "big" problem... BUY THE DAMN GAME!!! Stop asking such stupid questions!
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    One Player Mode, fun or not?

    Well, sometimes its really stupid, sometimes really cool. I actually like it, but I dont play it a lot.
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    Rinaldo's CM09 Screens!!!!!!!!!!

    I Really Hope So! :)
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    FIFA 09 has not been properly authenticadet:))))

    He has downloaded it, not bought it. Really, stop asking such stupid questions, just buy the damn game...
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    Having a Really Bad Problem

    Just buy the game, we WON'T believe you.