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  1. J

    CG File Explorer 16

    Anyone else hangs when selecting a db?
  2. J

    FIFA 16 Demo Tweaker

    An edited portion of product.ini, each team assigned to their real league id. For instance, all matches between german teams now play with Bundesliga overlays instead of just Gladbach vs Dortmund. The same for english teams instead of just City vs Chelsea.
  3. J

    FIFA 16 Demo Tweaker

    Edit product.ini for the scoreboards. Haven't had much time to test but noticed the fatigue issue is not present when editing the time via fifaGameSettings in the DB and not via cl.ini.
  4. J

    FIFA 16 Demo Database

    Hey cat! You can't change controls in the DB can you? The rest yes is all there.
  5. J

    Demo Skip Intro Patcher

    Have you tried... ...?
  6. J

    FIFA Crowd Converter

    Hey Shaw, can you take a look at these crowds? I included the originals from WC game and converted. https://app.box.com/s/v9p2nt31wgz4hiaw3snt
  7. J

    FIFA 15 Gamepad Problem Solution

    The tool is as simple as it gets, just click the button on screen and then press the button in your pad that matches the same location as the one on screen and so on.
  8. J

    FIFA Crowd Converter

    You're doing it wrong, just export or create the files where they're supposed to go, then regenerate and then delete the folder, if you regenerate again you'll reactivate the crowds from the game files.
  9. J

    FIFA Crowd Converter

    Why don't you just remove the crowdplacement files from the bh and folder?
  10. J

    FIFA Crowd Converter

    I tried converting working 14 crowds and got stuck in loading, no hang, no freeze, no crash. Once the skill game it's over it doesn't even prompt to restart it. Specifically tried with Maracana crowds I think William made them. If I remove the crowds the game loads.
  11. J

    ModdingWay FC Pro Club Looking For Players

    We've played quite often so far, as long as we have at least 5 guys online we're good to go. Sent you an invite some time ago, check your inbox in Pro Clubs and accept it, if it's not there just search the club by name and apply and I'll accept you as soon as Ariel or me can.
  12. J

    ModdingWay FC Pro Club Looking For Players

    You can challenge any team, the captain has the option in the match type before searching.
  13. J

    Not Able To Minimize The Game Window

    Ctrl+Enter to go in and out of full screen, decade old DirectX shortcut.
  14. J

    TV Logo Changer

    Include a no logo option.
  15. J

    ModdingWay FC Pro Club Looking For Players

    Only to know English since there are people from multiple countries and languages. Look up the club ingame and request a transfer. You can add me on Origin with this same username.
  16. J

    ModdingWay FC Pro Club Looking For Players

    Hey people, we have a Pro Club going on and are looking to expand our number of players. Ariel from ModdingWay is the manager and so far we have 10 members but haven't been able to coordinate for some proper matches. English is a requirement and it's preferable that you are in one of the...
  17. J

    FIFA File Explorer 2015

    I think the community would deeply appreciate if you or Jenkey explain how the EASF encryption works and what it takes to decrypt it so in the future we don't depend on just one guy who has an actual life.
  18. J

    Full Database Released

    The tables are not identical to 14, I think you might be trying to import 14 tables into a 15 database, the columns will not match and DBM will not let you import. I tried importing before I wrote back at you and I had no issues with it.
  19. J

    Full Database Released

    Whatever it is you're trying to import is probably wrongly formated, everything in DBM works fine. There are a few ways to regenerate, FHL, iController, File Explorer, take your pick.