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Search results

  1. U

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    It's collar 12
  2. U

    FifaMania Superpatch 15

    Your patch is really wonderful, guys. I've been waiting for it. But can u also provide torrent link?
  3. U

    D4W3R's Kits

    Maybe u will make full kitsets with shorts?
  4. U

    Tony Allen's Kits

    Excellent!!! Ты собираешься сделать всю Премьер Лигу?
  5. U

    makispla's Kits

    Makispla, the gk's kit link doesn't work
  6. U

    The Crew's Kits

    Wonderful kit! Can tyou make the whole kitpak?
  7. U

    D4W3R's Kits

    White with orange stripes Grey with red stripes
  8. U

    makispla's Kits

    Makispla, how can I input these teams in the game?
  9. U

    Hagi's Kits

    Great Napoli kitpack! And are you going to make Roma kits?
  10. U

    Unit37's Kits

    Thanks :-) because it's very difficult to find gk"s for retro kits BTW, do you take requests?
  11. U

    Unit37's Kits

    Excellent kits, mate. Can you also make gk's?
  12. U

    Kit Request Thread

    You can find it in Emi's thread
  13. U

    D4W3R's Kit Parade

    Maybe you can make Leeds kitpack?
  14. U

    Jean Freid Editions

    Why do you post this message in every thread?
  15. U

    Tonce's 14-15 Kits

    Wonderful kits. Are you going to make Championship kitpack?
  16. U

    Hagi's Kits

    Magnificent kits, Hagi
  17. U

    Josepa94's Retro Kits

    Totally agree with you, altough I'm juventino)
  18. U

    Tonce's 14-15 Kits

    Can you release your pack without alternate GK's and then just post them as another pack?
  19. U

    WSP14 - Worldwide Super Patch 2014

    \Guys, just wait for the patch. Don't spam the whole thread with those f*cking questions about the release date
  20. U

    [BETA] European Expansions Patch 2014/15

    Guys, stop spamming. If u will ask about the release date every day, it won't be be ready fster. Just wait, guys)