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    Manchester United Thread [2008/2009]

    Possebon injury is just :nape: tackle like that he should be suspended till he plays again.
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    ***Group C [GROUP OF DEATH] - Italy vs Netherlands [P + R]

    Rule 11.4.1 is what killed Italy confidence, last euro they didn't make it either past 1st round.
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    FC Porto out of the Champions League

    Oh boy another one ... Well after Porto, and CSKA Sofia have been been banned from CL looks like Steaua Bucharest will be next according to report after they were also accuses and docked 7 points for a bribery scandal. The 3rd place team will be filing a complaint with UEFA this week.
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    FC Porto out of the Champions League

    There are reports also that CSKA Sofia will also not be in CL this season because of debt, taxes and have not recieved licensing from the national FA. Unless they fix it soon they will be out and regulated a division.
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    FC Porto out of the Champions League

    The funny part was Porto tried to use AC Milan has their evidence LOL. The rule was created in the first place because of them of corruption.
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    The Inter Milan Thread [2007/2008]

    Lamps and Deco also coming now thoses some nice additions.
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    ESPS2 (US) Champions League Highlights -- recording

    Try ESPN Soccernet site, or ESPN360 they are always there after a few days.
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    The SL Benfica Thread [2007-2008]

    Anyone see that hard foul by Binya, the Academica player looked up and started to crawl away on his hands and knees like he was afraid he was going to kill him LOL.
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    The England National team thread

    The back 5 were really bad, IMO James should of started along with Terry and Hargreaves in the back.
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    The England National team thread

    Dam now Portugal can't beat Engalnd again at Euro like the last 2 times.
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    violence in Italy

    Alot of the cops don't feel safe anymore and think they will be targets now, if the situation doesn't calm down none will work for the Italian FA for the upcoming Italy-Faroe Islands which will be an automatic forefit if no security is in place. Then the government would have to use the local...
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    CL Matches on ESPN

    Full LIVE TV list for USA viewers: (Dish and Directv with Setanta USA also Sentanta Pub PPV select locations) ESPN 2 Tuesday, October 23 Rangers FC vs. FC Barcelona Kick-off 2:45pm EST Wednesday, October 24 Chelsea FC vs. FC Schalke 04 Kick-off 2:45 pm EST ESPN Deportes Tuesday...
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    Antonio Puerta (1984-2007)

    Chaswe Nosofwa 8/26/07 Another sad day has another player passes away of cardiac arrest. Zambia striker Chaswe Nosofwa, playing for Israel club Hapoel Beersheva, died this Wednesday at a local hospital, minutes after collapsing during his team practice. :(
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    El derbi: Real Madrid - Atlético Madrid

    It stinks that there might not be a Barca game live to anyone outside Spain tomorrow too, the guys from WorldsportHD that were to do the Madrid derby, are driving to do the Barcelona game if that don't get to show that game too they are headed to do the Athletic Club Bilbao - Osasuna 50 miles out.
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    Portuguese Prediction League 2007-2008 ::: Registration Thread

    Username: sl_benfica Member since: Aug 12th 1999 (Dam I'm an old timer here first 10 members) Previous prediction achievements: None Why I will win this competition: I won't!!! Portuguese Super Taça: FC Porto 2 - Sporting 1 I hereby declare to be prepared to fully co-operate...
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    MLS Thread 2007

    One of the top player in the league.
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    Freddy Adu to Benfica

    Adu: "Sweet I can drink legally here now"
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    The SL Benfica Thread [2007-2008]

    So Adu is coming, his mom and agent have a flight to Lisbon tonite , and Adu on Sunday
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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    I heard Arsenal are pissed that Di Maria didn't sign with them, after long talks, on top of that Di Maria said he wants to go to Chelsea someday LOL.
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    OFFICIAL Transfers 2007-2008

    Official Simao (SL Benfica) to Atletico Mardird 20 million euros, plus 2 players TBA. Has a physical today and contract signing for 400,000 plus euros per month.