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    Goalnets by rique

    please if possible make a equal to that of the Vasco da Gama
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    I need help with the World cup Stadiums

    At least the fans of this resolve, it is no longer floating in the stands, or is missing more leaving the stage empty! By raelpg4 at 2011-06-12 By raelpg4 at 2011-06-12 By raelpg4 at 2011-06-12 if someone could solve the contrasts and DDAs shadows on the screen would be nice
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    I need help with the World cup Stadiums

    I managed to remove the bug using the crowd of fans replacement of each stage, but now axei pitchflagshadow_0_0_0_textures.rx3 a file name, it does not open the texture editor JOR, but I believe that this file can resolve this bug or something in the database Another bug I have noticed is the...
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    I need help with the World cup Stadiums

    yes i have the database, I'll upload at some site and post the link already!
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    I need help with the World cup Stadiums

    Dear know it is not news infirm but I am showing you guys wanted me to solve ajudaseem Bugs stages of the 2010 FWC imported for FIFA 11, Bug of shadows, twisted and adboard, if someone can strive to discover something thank you very already! there are some screenshots that I captured: By...
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    Fifa world cup 2010

    PLease Release the Link for stadiums FWC 2010 ! I want help with i can ! Sorry for my english
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    Adboard's Temple

    Thanks ! Friends
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    RELO4DED11 Scoreboards: the real generation

    I just wanted you to continue making these beautiful works pacificamentes, because if I knew and had the understanding that you guys would have the textures and share with everyone! exclusives about whom their works but we all want to use them! BRASIL
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    Adboard's Temple

    Post here dear, your adboards, to share together these graphic works! ! My First : Fifa world cup 2010 Adboard Uploaded with ImageShack.us Fifa world cup v.2 Uploaded with ImageShack.us Campeonato Brasileiro : i Don't made this Uploaded with ImageShack.us Man. City...
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    Oddments Graphic 11

    please friend if possible, release the stages for us because we're crazy to play them. Work was beautiful exactly what I have been looking for ages!
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    replay logo by Shifty*nim

    PLease Shifty*nim, if possible could you make me replay these logos world cup 2010? I was looking for a time how to do it, but I confess that I could not, and also did not have much time because of work, Friend thank you very much it can do for me Thanks, and if it can not appreciate the same! a...
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    ANBSeth's Scoreboards

    Sorry this SB please please !! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    .::::: EL Loko scoreboards Lab :::::.

    Bruno meu querido , vlw mesmo por fazer estes placares cara , muito show mesmo , mas pow cara se vc tiver um tempo sobrando voce poderia me fazer este o da copa das confederações e tambem usado no mundia de clubes ? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    ANBSeth's Scoreboards

    PLease make this scoreboard for me ?? I love this scoreboard ! Sorry for my english.. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Scoreboard Tutorial

    please some of you can teach me to make these scoreboards? I am very willing to do my own but when I open the game gives crash I am Brazilian and scores all great ideas! Please help! My new idea : Uploaded with ImageShack.us confederation cup Scoreboards and pop-ups Uploaded with...
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    ANBSeth's Scoreboards

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    ANBSeth's Scoreboards

    this scoreboard please http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSwCpJNZ_KETkFMaVPUih3OIszBRiuxrVEBL9RexBLVxIG7sUjYSQ&t=1 and logo http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTUqCL1EWzaruRRAyW5kUIqk3LuLV-SiVzXGxzwPB8EvnFQY0Kd&t=1
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    ANBSeth's Scoreboards

    does someone can make me sb Confederations Cup?
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    Patches BR

    Ai otario e voce , que comprou postar os links pra quem nao comprou , e ainda chamar vc de otario e trouxa , como vejo um monte naquela comu
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    ( Project ) Fifa World Cup Patch Fifa 11

    I have in mind creating a patch with the same success that produced FWC 2010 PS3/Xbox upset that many did not come out for PC too, want to ride the World Cup atmosphere in fifa 11, but for that I need help from you guys, how many are willing to embrace this cause? . . Since Textures...