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    Cep 11

    gracias charrua!!! i'm playing with patch "liga argentina v2" db + all teams of the 10 countries of CONMEBOL, excellent with latest REGULARCATS product.ini, result is best gameplay, like watching a tv match, much nicer that FIFA 12 AND 13 :rockman:
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    Cep 11

    Anyone still have this CPE11 file to download? :-(
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    Total football with revised gameplay and DB

    I'm one of yours, used FIFA 12 for long time and FIFA 13 for small period, came back to FIFA 11, maybe because of the greener pitch or because strong teams beat weak team, graphics and physics are better on FIFA 12 and 13? maybe, but realism stays in FIFA 11 :D or maybe because I'm a romantic...
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    Regularcat's FIFA 11 Mods

    yes i am I wonder how can I increase AI/CPU long shots power, long shots are too weak
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    Immersion Gameplay: Football for Real

    Andrea, you are bussy but when possible for you: can you tell me what is does or affect the game the below lines in product.ini? ALTITUDE_DIFFERENCE_HOME = XX ALTITUDE_DIFFERENCE_AWAY = XX Thanks and keep your great work!
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    Immersion Gameplay: Football for Real

    It does, GP is the best mod IMO and it works in exhibition mode of course. I'm not sure if HOME/AWAY issue work with GP mod, but if not, try that home team do the starting kick-off ;-) that sets the CPU-AI act little better than the team doing the kick-off in 2ºhalf. some of the plenty misteries...
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    Regularcat's FIFA 13 Mods

    Use proffessional level in order to get "some realism"
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    Immersion Gameplay: Football for Real

    CPU is always cheating, in all levels no matter half time duration. if you want to watch CPU vs. CPU games and find some "real results/scores" when stronger team generally beat weaker teams use difficult level proffessional using GP mod you have to set minimum 6 minutes per half or move shooting...
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    is it possible deeper edition on home vs away?

    thanks REGULARCAT, do you know if that also affect in "friendly matches"?
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    [FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Thanks Torpedo, then we have to still waiting :)
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    [FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Dear friends, Is there any way to get the latest Fidel's beta file to test it? Gracias!
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    is it possible deeper edition on home vs away?

    Dear friends, I have a few questions for those editor masters ... I've been watching AI vs AI games :blush: and home advantage means nothing, even with EVO 2 from Fidel there is no change even though there is a line: "USE_HOME_AND_AWAY_EFFECT_FOR_PLAYER_ATTRIBUTES = 1" Is it possible...
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    gathering 90 to 94 national kits

    If anyone has .png <fifa 11/12 compatible> files of european national team kits from 1990 to 1994 please help providing, i'm working on data files to make 3 patches: WC Italy 90; EURO 92 and WC USA 94 Thanks in advance for your collaboration!
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    New Maker's kits

    Can you make below ones? THANKS IN ADVANCE...
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    ¿how to delete yellow spot/cross?

    sure!... that could be great if I could find the bloody file, do you have any idea where that file might be find?
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    ¿how to delete yellow spot/cross?

    How come a simple spot like that cannot be ereased?
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    ¿how to delete yellow spot/cross?

    Dear friends, Does any one of you know the file or how to "erease" the yellow cross? (marker indicator with ball direction) THANKS in advance!
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    [FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    "To disable the yellow cross that indicates where the ball is going to impact on the pitch" Oh yes!... that would be great to eliminate nother "arcade" issue of FIFA games I wonder where exacly to find that file where that "yellow cross" is located